December 2018


The master chef is the heart and soul of any iconic restaurant. Such a person is passionate about the satisfaction and convenience of those who visit his restaurants. He creates food menus designed to highly impress potential customers and potentially keep them coming back. Although not exclusively, most master chef positions are found in popular resorts and major metropolitan areas such as New York and Boston.
Becoming a master chef is a journey, but it can happen in the simplest of ways. Many master chefs get their start by working under the direct supervision of a master chef or by working in an apprentice program as a line cook. However, the majority of master chefs enter a cooking program through a community college, technical school, culinary art school or 4-year college program.


Master chef salaries
Individuals interested in pursuing a career in the culinary arts and becoming a master chef must decide whether or not to enroll in an accredited apprentice program or attend an educational institution. Direct experience under a master chef may be the most inviting but such opportunities are far and in between. In this often the case, a great alternative is to enroll in a program.

Search the internet under the phrase culinary schools in order to find the right school for you. You may want to attend a local school or relocate to another city or state. But like any other schools you may attempt to enter, you must fill out an admittance form, meet with academic advisors if acceptable, and choose the appropriate courses for your program.

Average Top 10 for Master Chefs’ Salaries Arranged by Cities

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the top 10 median salaries for master chefs are listed below. However, a great majority of master chefs can make up to $80.000 or more a year. The median salaries are arranged by cities, starting from the highest to the lowest:
• Boston, MA: $59,351
• Washington, D.C: $58,333
• Bethesda, MD: $58,333
• Philadelphia, PA: $54,333
• Seattle, WA: $49,890
• San Diego, CA: $48,667
• Los Angeles, CA: $48,667
• Denver, Co: $48,667
• Chicago, Ill: $48,000
• Portland, OK: $46,667

The outlook for a career in the culinary industry, especially as a master chef, tends to be stable with the chance for gradual growth. Opportunities for the position will arise as older chefs continue to retire in the year 2015 and beyond.

Responsibilities of a Master Chef

Although the ambition for becoming a master chef may be high, the work can be exhausting at times. The majority of chefs work more than 12 hours a day.
Master Chef must also recruit, train line cooks, food preparation workers, and supervisors. He or she must also become an inspector of all equipment, supplies and work areas to assure good organization, quality, and functionality. And if anything drastic occurs regarding the quality of the food or service, the master chef must take the blame.
However, the position of a master chef is very rewarding if you love cooking and serving people in major metropolitan areas and popular resort locations. It is an opportunity to be creative and innovative in coming up with new ideas to satisfy customers.


The fascination with cars and the possibilities they can offer the buyer is becoming more and more intriguing. The article discusses the 21st century Terrafugia Transition, a futuristic flying car that can change the transportation game forever.


Created by celebrated MIT-trained engineers, the 1,320 pound Terrafugia Transition-an aircraft car-stands over 6 feet tall, with a length passing 19 feet and featuring a 27’ 6 wingspan. This light aircraft possesses both automotive and airplane features, including front wheel drive, tank fit for 20 gallons of fuel with 30 mpg road travel, airbags, and a crash safety device. For the aircraft side, the Terrafugia features two automatic folding wings, a cargo for personal items and a parachute for escaping the danger of crashing.


Ordinary citizens who possess the Terrafugia Transition will enjoy a host of benefits such as the option to drive on the road or fly in the air, avoiding the harassment and confusion of commercial flights, (if not entirely now, certainly in the near future when more sophisticated models are produced).


The ability to drive to work when the weather is bad or fly to work when the skies are blue is one of the key benefits of this 21st-century aircraft phenomenon. In one way or another Terrafugia Transition will not allow you to miss a single day at the office if that is what you prefer?


Another benefit for the owner of a Terrafugia Transition is the ability to get away from the daily grind. When personal conditions are overwhelming at home and on the job, this light sports aircraft can provide a temporary escape from it all. In fact, that is exactly what the word Terrafugia mean: escape.

Case Study

Subhash Shihora, an NRI businessman from Ahmedabad, is a proud owner of a Terrafugia Transition. The only choice between driving a car and flying a plane is the push of a button. When wants to fly, he pushes an inside button and the car sprouts winds wings, allowing him to fly to work. But if he wants to drive home, all Sub hash Shohola has to do is push the same button and the airplane is transformed into care.

The remarkable thing about the Transition is that neighbors and other onlookers will not be aware that it is a flying car. The wings are so uniquely integrated into the car that people can not distinguish it from a sophisticated sports vehicle. Mr. Shihora states that he “can attend meeting in a different city within one single day.”

Shihora purchased the car from the Massachusetts firm responsible for produces the Terrafugia Transition. The car is a part sedan and part private jet, consisting of two seats and four wheels.

Mr. Shihora could not operate the flying car without the approval of the aviation department and the national security agency of India.

Mr. Shihora is not the only person who will be able to enjoy the adventure and freedom offered by this unique aircraft. The everyday consumer will have the opportunity to become an owner as well.

The Massachusetts-based company(in 2015) will reveal plans for releasing a Terrafugia Transition model that can be driven into the average garage. However, potential owners will have to go through a six-hour training session in order to be competent enough to operate the vehicle.


Critics may wonder about the downside of the Terrafugia Transition’s arrival into modern society and the initial problems it may produce flight-wise. As the demand increases across the nation, a new aviation system will have to be designed to maintain air traffic safety. In the meantime, pilots will have to be thoroughly trained to avoid potential disasters, including bird flocks, telephone poles, and potential crashes with other small as well as large aircraft.

Rules and Regulations

But the Massachusets-based company has assured that there is no reason to worry about the safety of this spectacular mechanism. Safety rules and regulations regarding the Terrafugia transition have already been implemented so that potential owners can fill completed securely while traveling across states or within the city. Studies show that the flying vehicle is statistically safer than the average automobile. The consumer needs to be aware of a number of safety factors:


Unique Safety Factors:

  • Capable of automatically maneuvering around air traffic, bad weather and restricted airspace controlled by towers.
  • Possesses a full backup car –parachute system in case the operator is incapable of landing the mechanism
  • In case of a flight emergency, the Terrafugia Transition is approved to land in a non-approved landing zone.
  • Automatically activates an emergency auto-land in case the pilot becomes unresponsive

The arrival of the Terrafugia Transition will definitely be a game changer in the world in which new technology and inventions are appearing on the scene almost daily. The Future of transportation will be very interesting.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that the Terrafugia Transition is a worthwhile phenomenon that will become a prominent reality in the 21st century. The possibility of driving a car and flying within it on the same day is beyond our wildest dreams. Travel will never be the same. For a $10, 000 down payment on this $194.000 aircraft, you can become among the few who are able to afford this exciting, innovative form of transportation.

Terrafugia: It’s Time to Make the Transition



Do you want a prestigious credit card that you can be proud of? Macy’s credit card is one of the most sorts after cards in the United States. You can understand why when you realize the Macy’s Herald Square in New York is the Largest Department store in the world.

Walking into Macy’s department store is a wonderful experience. The elegant fashions and styles will surely capture your attention from one brand to another. The layout and arrangement of colorful merchandise make you want to walk around the department stores for hours.

I can say the same thing for Macy’s wonderful website. The wonderful deals and promotions and VIP sales exclusive to Macy’s Credit Card members are a dream come true for millions of online shoppers.

Macy’s wide array of products, include clothing, footwear, accessories, bedding, furniture, Jewelry, beauty products, houseware and much more.

Macy's Credit Card

Macy’s Credit Card Benefits

Members of the Macy’s credit card can get an extra 10%, 25%, and 30% off merchandise on a constant basis.  Not only this, there are multiple other deals and benefits, including VIP Sales that will save Macy’s members lots of money.

Who Are Macy’s Customers?

Macy’s cater to all types of customers, regardless of race, culture, gender or background. If you are attracted to its high-quality merchandise, then you are a candidate for applying for the Macy’s credit card, gaining access and enjoying the benefits of the prestigious membership. On Holidays, and other special occasions members will be enthused about extra coupons and hot specials.


Three levels of Membership

When it comes to Macy’s Credit Card, customers are offered 3 levels of membership: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Silver– a credit offering ranging from $1-$400

Gold– a credit offering ranging from $500-$1,199

Platinum-a credit offering ranging from $,200 +

When you apply for the Macy’s credit card you can save an immediate $20 or more off a purchase. The benefits keep coming after initially receiving your card.

Macy’s Gold and Platinum cards receive %5 off in rewards, free shipping, birthday offers, and exceptional VIP treatment. Macy’s Silver credit card members get %5 off.

Shoppers will find it extremely beneficial using the Macy’s credit card to purchase items in a variety of departments, including

  • Women
  • Men
  • Home
  • Bed & Bed
  • Shoes
  • Handbags
  • Beauty
  • Kids
  • Juniors
  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Actives
  • Brands

Macy’s prestigious items include some of the most sophisticated brands, including Gucci, Guess, Coach, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, The North Face, Tommy Hill finger, Nike, and Nautical, just to name a few. Hundreds more for all most every category exist.

Applying for Macy’s Credit Card

To apply for a Macy’s card all you must do is come visit one of their 669 stores and fill out a brief application or you can go online and apply on their beautiful-constructed website. Fill out the brief form, choose the level of membership you desire, and you are on your way to becoming a recipient of a wonderful shopping experience.

Customer Support: Multiple Touchpoints

Members can feel safe and secure using Macy’s credit card. If there are any problems you can connect with Macy’s via Chat, Email, Facebook, and Twitter or call 1.800.BUY.MACY 24 hours a day as well as 7 days a week.

Macy’s credit card is worth the choice. All your personal needs in shopping can be discovered among hundreds of products offered by Macy’s. Join the fun and go shopping. l



The Wendy’s Company, formally Wendy’s, arguably consists of the third largest burger restaurant chain behind McDonald’s and Burger King. Founded in 1969 in Columbus Ohio, its net income total is 161.1 million USD.

The Wendy’s company is the result of a merger between Wendy’s and Triarc Company Inc., the former parent company of Arby’s.

My Wendy’s Experience

One summer while living in Milwaukee Wisconsin, my niece arrived from down south to finish her high school diploma. She neither had the money or a job. After running around town trying to find a suitable high school for her to attend, which happened to be a block down the street, I needed to get her a job.

Because of my frequent visits to Wendy’s the staff knew me so well. After chit-chatting with the manager, I asked if the restaurant were hiring. Of course, they were. They needed cashiers badly. So, the manager said,” if she has any cashier experience, you have a job.”

I returned home hopeful. I didn’t know if my niece had any cashier experience at all. I had to wait until she got home from school.

To my surprise, she did have cashier experience. She was delighted when I told her about Wendy’s job opportunity down the block opposite to her school. She was immediately hired and was working the next day.

The whole situation was miraculous. It was a matter of just a walking a block in opposite directions. On one end was her school. On the other end was her job. She didn’t need any extra money or transportation for getting around. Thanks to the Wendy’s Company.

The Wendy’s Single and Double Stack food products are the delicious burgers which have made me a long- time customer. I will never forget all the small and large frostys that I gobbled down on sweltering summer days.

I would give Wendy’s a rating of 9 out of 10.


  • Great “Smiling Faces” customer Service
  • Quick Service
  • Healthy Food Choices


  • No National Breakfast Menu

Who Eats at Wendy’s:

All types of customers eat at the Wendy’s Company, even customers who eat at other burger restaurants. Some of my friends eat at McDonald’s and Burger King. Each fast food restaurant chain has its own specialists. For example, Wendy’s has the Single, Double Stack and the mouthwatering Frosty.

When you enter a Wendy’s, the staff usually greets you with kindness. Takes your order and returns it quite speedily.

The third largest restaurant change offers a variety of food choices, including:


  • Hamburger
  • Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Single, Double and Triple stack
  • Baconator

Chicken Burgers

  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  • Homestyle chicken sandwich
  • Homestyle Asiago Club
  • Spicy Asiago club
  • 10 Piece Crispy Chicken Nuggets
  • Grilled Asiago Club
  • Grilled, spicy, and Homestyle chicken wraps

Healthy Choices

  • Spicy Chicken Caesar
  • Garden Side Salad
  • Bacon Cheese Potato

Customer Service

The goal of  Wendy’s Company is to please the customer. Most of the restaurants I have entered are neat and clean, with well-mopped floors. You are greeted with a smile. Because of the focus they put into preparing your order, you are eating a meal in no time.

Customers are time conscious. The faster you deliver a product or service the greater opportunity you have of winning the customer’s heart. This is the reason why Wendy’s Company is the third largest burger chain in the fast food restaurant business.


Wendy’s prices are reasonable. I used to buy a burger for just one dollar. Two dollars would be my a small frosty. In addition, there are coupons and deals offered weekly.

My Final Opinion on The Wendy’s Company

So, is the Wendy’s Company an Outcast to McDonald’s and Burger King? No way is Wendy’s an outcast to its two largest rivals. The Wendy’s Company has its own distinctive products and services. Millions are served daily.

The Burgers consist of quality beef. Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich is a class act. The frosty product is a delicious thirst quencher.

Satisfaction Guaranteed, especially for the avid burger lover.





Let’s face it. The world loves sports. Competition is in our blood. Known as the “Worldwide Leader in Sports,” ESPN Inc. is an American based global cable and satellite sports TV channel which broadcasts the joy and entertainment of sports to millions around the world.

I have been watching this iconic sports channel for decades, witnessing some of the finest sports moments in history, not only in the past but continuing to this day. Each Sunday, and throughout the week I tune in to watch my favorite sports teams and to hear some of the most admired commentators’ expert opinions on teams, players, and owners.

Founded in 1978 by Bill Rasmussen, popular sports channel is broadcasted out of Bristol, Connecticut and serves over 90,000,00 subscribers.

Types of Users

All you must do is love anything about sports. You can be in America, or some other place across the world. If you appreciate the intensity of competition, then ESPN is the channel to tune into. Millions of people everywhere watch this iconic sports channel. Households with satellite, local sports bars, network streaming are a few of the means available for viewing the popular channel.

Keys to Success

The strategies used b ESPN to become the leader in sports broadcasting includes partnering with major brands such as The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communication. These and other joint ventures provided ESPN with the necessary resources to expand its image and popularity.

Through aggressively earning broadcasting deals with such major sports ventures, including NCAA Division 1, NFL Draft, and NCAA Football and ESPN radio, ESPN has become an icon in the minds of sports enthusiast worldwide.

Other Success Factors: Values

  • Product quality and reliability
  • Commitment to subscribers
  • Continual growth and expansion
  • Creativity/Innovation and Risk-taking

The goal of sports brand is to remain a leader in the Sports industry by proving subscribers with quality entertainment, enhanced view experience, and long-term viewer relationships.

ESPN appear on many sister channels, offering different sports options to viewers:

ESPN Sister Channels

  • ESPN 1, 2, 3, News, NU
  • ESPN on ABC and more

Individuals who desire to watch their favorites sports teams can access the channel via Direct TV, Dish Network, Comcast Cable, Warner Cable, Sling, PlayStation Vue, and Hulu Live TV. the popular sports channel offers competitive prices and good deals as attractive pull factors.

Final Opinion

ESPN Inc. is still the leader is in worldwide sports. It conducts business in Austria, Canada, Brazil, Latin America, and the United Kingdom. To remain the most successful broadcaster in the industry, the most popular sports channel must continue to provide its viewers with the highest quality of service.


Over 700 clubs across America, LA Fitness is can undoubtedly be considered a model for personal business success. Privately owned, the outstanding fitness club was founded on November 1984, 33 years ago in Los Angeles California.

With the trend toward health and fitness, the successful fitness chain has grown to include nearly 200 clubs through expansion and acquisitions.

Who are LA Fitness’s Customers?

Good health is one of the key criteria a successful and happy life. Therefore, LA Fitness caters to all people, regardless of race, religion or culture. Everybody wants to be healthy in mind, the body as well as the soul.

Tens of thousands of health-minded individuals flock to LA Fitness on a continuous basis, all with the hope of improving various aspects of their body and mind. LA Fitness’s goal is that everyone become the person he or she desires to be.


  • Wide Choice of Workout options
  • Affordable Membership fees with attractive fitness packages
  • Personal trainers for those new at fitness training


  • Can get injured if new and without a personal trainer

LA Fitness isn’t a one-dimensional fitness chain. When an individual walk into an LA Fitness gym he or she has a wide variety of fitness options.

Number of Choices

  • Weight and cardio training via equipment
  • Indoor heated lap pool
  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Racquetball
  • Basketball

Services Offered

  • Personal training
  • Kids club
  • Juice bar
  • Swimming pool
  • Locker facilities

Support and Training

If you are new to fitness training and are unsure of how to go about it, then you are fortunate due to the outstanding personal trainers you will discover at LA Fitness. Personal training will put you at ease with their superior knowledge and expertise. Once a personal training knows what your fitness goals are then the journey to a great body and mind begins.

Price Options

First Package

  • $99.00 Initiated
  • $39.00 for multi-club inclusion

Second package

  • $99.00 Initiated
  • 00 for the single club only

Purchase a 5 Day Workout Pass: contact for price


Easy to Join

You can join LA Fitness either in person or via the website. Make an appointment or reserve a workout just by signing up.  The Successful Fitness chain is opened 24 hours.

Final Opinion

Taking loving care of ourselves is a must if you desire to live a long and healthy life. LA Fitness gyms across the country are filled with people who have decided that life isn’t worth living if health and fitness aren’t a top priority.



An indicator of a magnificent company is its ability to survive through tremendous changes and emerge stronger than ever. Harley Davidson is such a company.

Founded in 1903, the company has triumphed over much adversity, including the Great Depression, multiple ownership and subsidiary challenges, economic emergencies, poor product quality, and stiff international competition.

Through it all, the Harley Davidson brand has emerged to be the largest and most in-demand motorcycles in the world.

Keys to Success

  • Creativity, innovation, and risk-taking
  • Strong brand name and image
  • Experience curve over rivals
  • Loyal customer base
  • Continual product improvement, and reliability
  • A commitment to innovation and excellence
  • Expanding the product line to include lighter motorcycles
  • Variety of motorcycle choices

Haley Davidson’s track record is the reason for its rise to prominence. Headquartered in Milwaukee Wisconsin, the outstanding company’s output includes 260, 289 units. In addition, Harley Davidson employees 6,400 and earn a net income of $692.2 million, according to Wikipedia.

Who is the Harley Davidson Motorcycle for?

Anyone who loves riding a Harvey Motorcycle down the open road and enjoying the freedom and experience of a smooth cruise. Individuals have a choice of motorcycle styles to select from other than just the big “Hog”, the heavyweight cruiser.  Several new styles include:

  • D Street
  • Sportster
  • Softail
  • Touring
  • CVO

For a visual of these wonderful bikes, you can visit the Harley Davidson website. The prices of these bikes range from $US7000-43,000.

The Haley Davidson brand has expanded into other geographic boundaries, including Brazil, Bawal, India and other parts of the world.  Operations in America include Pennsylvania, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kansas City, and Missouri.

Training & Support

Individuals who purchase any of the Harley Davidson Motorcycles will have support on how to operate the motorbike., Harley Davidson offers courses both for beginners and advanced riders.  The company also operates an online store where it offers a variety of products and accessories.  But for more information on training and courses, visit the Harley Davidson website.

Final Opinion

As a frequent visitor to the Harley Davidson factory in Milwaukee, the employee takes immense pride in producing the Harley Davidson Motorcycle. The events and display of the products always create an air of excitement and feeling of pride in owning a Harley motorcycle.

If you are thinking about buying or renting a motorcycle, the Harley Davidson brand is the one that is designed to make a prestigious difference in your life.


Let’s face it! Online shopping via Amazon and other retailers are dominating the consumer industry. People are enjoying the convenience of online purchasing. Once highly attractive retail stores like Macy’s are feeling the impact heavily.

Although still a popular retail giant, Macy’s, a national holding company, has closed hundreds of stores across the nation. Thousands of Macy’s employees have lost their jobs.

Founded in 1929, and Macys Inc.’s Headquarter is in Cincinnati Ohio. It is still a retail industrial giant to be reckoned with. It still operates over 800 stores and earns a net income of $1.072 billion in 2016, according to Wikipedia.


Top Retail Divisions: Macys and Bloomingdale

Macys Store Merchandise

  • Apparel & clothing
  • Footwear
  • Bedding
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Beauty products
  • Houseware

Macys Inc. also operates a chain of luxury beauty products, including stores and spas. The Quality of merchandise is what separates the famous retail brand from its lesser rivals: Kohls, JC Penny’s and Sears stores.

Promising Outlook

But although several stores have shut down in Minnesota and other places, I don’t think that Macy’s is done for as a popular retail attraction.  The commitment to repositioning or restructuring its stores and resources is its key to sustaining its brand.

Through creativity and innovation, the struggling retail store must readjust to the increasing intensity of competition among industrial rivals who have successfully promoted the online shopping craze. Amazon will show no mercy.

Competition in terms of ranking

Macy’s brick-in-mortar store competition, including Kohls and JC Penny’s, are also struggling. However, Macy’s still outrank these retail stores. According to Deloitte, the retail giant was acknowledged as the largest retailer of fashion in the world.

Therefore, restructuring isn’t a sign of impending doom and gloom for an iconic retail name brand. To continue to outwit the competition Macy’s must reinvent itself by discovering new ways to adapt to changing consumer demands. The activity of restructuring is heading in the right direction.

Final Opinion

“Is Macy’s Done for as a Retail giant?” The answer is no. The name brand is still strong, strengthened by industrial experience and know-how.  Macy’s merchandise is still worth your investment and money. Quality, reliability, beauty and a great shopping experience are what you will find for the entire family.


Lifetimes Fitness is a thriving chain of health clubs in America and Canada. Founded in 1990 as FLA and in 1992, 28 years ago. Headquartered in Chanhassen, Minnesota, the chain is privately owned. The successful fitness club constantly receives thousands of memberships.

Lifetime Fitness offers hundreds of classes with passionate instructors who are top performers in their fitness game.


  • Choice of Fitness Options
  • Highly Affordable prices


  • Can get injured without a personal trainer, especially if new to fitness

The goal of Lifetime Fitness is to be a leader in the health and fitness industry by providing the best fitness knowledge and training on the planet.

Lifetime fitness

Who are Life Time Fitness Customers?

The trend toward health and fitness makes Life Time Fitness a choice for all individuals who desire to live a life of feeling good in body, mind, and soul. Getting the body moving is the first step toward obtaining quality health.

Services and Products

  • Weight training
  • Cardio training
  • Yoga
  • Cycle training
  • Salon
  • Food court
  • Childcare center
  • Indoor/outdoor pool
  • Personal fitness instruction

Specialty Studio Classes

  • Life BARRE-dance inspired movement
  • Barbell strength– weight training
  • TCX-combination of strength, endurance, and cardio
  • STRICK-fighting drilled inspired by martial arts
  • Warrior sculpt-a combination of yoga and weight training

PILATE Program-designed to develop strength, flexibility, and mobility.


  • $20 to join

Training and Support

Life Time Fitness employs state of the art trainers who are passionate and excellent in their fields. Any individual who is uncertain on how to approach a fitness plan can consult with the appropriate training instructor.

The goal of these top performers is to get you fit and trim and feeling well. Your well being is their top priority.  Training includes weight loss, fitness specialty training, and team training which includes such programs as Boot Camp, ALPHA, Burn and Cut. Consult the website for a more in-depth understanding of these specialty programs.

Final Opinion

If you desire an incredibly affordable price for investing in a state-of-the-art fitness club, then you should consider Life Time Fitness. You will meet some of the most friendly staff and trainers in the business.

Now is the time to get serious about your health and fitness. Studies prove that diabetics and other diseases are the direct results of poor exercise and wrong eating habits. Don’t wait too long to get your body and mind shape.

Rating of Company: 10 out of 10

An extraordinary vacation will most likely depend on the type of hotels, amenities, and restaurants you interact with along your journey. If these entities are not right, an individual’s travel and a vacation experience will likely be a forgetful experience.

Those of us who travel a lot have probably encountered several nightmares dealing with misguided hotel bookings, bad customer service, and lousy restaurants suggestions.

However, there is a way to make your vacation one great memorable event, especially if you delight in sophisticated travel.

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Group is a sophisticated brand involved in the hotel and restaurant industry. It is a part of (IHG) Intercontinental Hotel Group, an elite Hotel company. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the brand represents one the largest chain of boutique hotels in America, employs 8135 individuals and earns a revenue of $1049.88 million annually.


Services Offered

  • Quality Hotel bookings
  • Event space rentals
  • Restaurant: Fine dinning
  • Exclusive Membership

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Group’s customer service is designed to exceed the expectation of customers who are looking for the best that hotels have to offer. The brand has 97 hotels in 25 cities. All hotels include free WIFI, along with the most delightful amenities. Highly captivating rooms designed for comfort and relaxation has inspired loyalty from impressed customers.

Event Space Rentals

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Group not only service rooms for your delightful stay. The sophisticated brands also rent space for several momentous events, including:

  • Bridal Showers
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Cocktail receptions
  • Rehearsal diners
  • seated dinner receptions

Restaurant: Fine Dinning

Serving delicious food is the name of the game with Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Group.  Fine wines served with sophistication in delightful atmospheres are designed to be captivating and memorable. Cuisines from Mexico and South America, mouthwatering, Nordic flavors, juices, and desserts will leave you in a state of amazement.

Quality dinning is one the most powerful persuasive entities that keep customers inspired and convinced that the K & RG brand is worth its Fortune 500 recognition.

Membership perks

Becoming an inclusive member of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Group opens an individual to a world of prestigious delights and pleasures, some of which includes,

  • Raid the bar
  • Kimpton Journey free nights
  • Custom stay preferences
  • Birthday offers
  • Dining exclusives
  • $30 in room -spa credits
  • Late check out priority
  • VIP Priority Restaurant Reservations
  • Complimentary nights at new hotels

The above is only a few of the rewards and recognition for becoming a member of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants group’s rewards club. There are four levels of membership for individuals thinking about participating in the rewards club. Tier 1, 2, 3, 4. Each Tier offering a great level of rewards or perks designed to leave individuals well-pleased.

Kimpton Hotel & Restaurants Group is the choice an individual makes if he or she desires to experience the best of the world of hotels and restaurants. A highly member able experience of convenience, prestigious dinning and preferential treatment are the pleasures you will receive when you give you loyalty the sophisticated brand.