Can Artist Ever Earn a Living Performing their Niche?

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Some people think the artistic life is a waste of time? They believe that art isn’t a true profession and that creative artist is just wasting their lives.  However, the evidence is clear that many artists can and do actually well in terms of financial survival.

What an artist, who desires to make it big, must do is to enhance his talents, skills, and abilities each day without exception.  The competition is too stiff to waste time.  True artists go to bed thinking about their creativity as well as awaken early in the morning with nothing else on their minds but what they desire to express to the world.

Whether or not an artist does well in his or her niche depends on the type of artists and the drive and determination of the artist. For example, a song artist, a musician, a creative writer, or a painter has the potential to earn different degrees of income.

Song Artists

A song artist can be highly successful.  Who is your favorite song artist? Song artists such as Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Blake Shelton, Rhianna, or Justin Timberlake are highly paid and exceptionally famous song artists whose albums continue to sell in the millions.


Many not so popular musicians do quite well playing on Broadway, or popular bands traveling around the country. Many of these musicians haven’t hit the big stage yet, but if they continue to grow, they will eventually get noticed.


As far painters, there are many successful modern art painters whose work is demanded in exhibits, not only across the country but across the world.  Painters can also promote their work in art galleries, art shows, on social media outlets or on their own professional websites.


Reaching the Next Level

The most important goal that all artists need to understand to reach the next level is how to influence the heart and souls of those who would admire their work. For example, every artist who would make a living from his or her work will strive to inspire, empower and educate people.


All art should be inspiring in some way.  Once an audience is exposed to the aesthetic beauty of the images, words or lyrics, that audience should never be the same.  They should feel good about themselves and their outlook on life should be filled with confidence.


Great song artist and painters designed their work or performances to empower others to move forward in some way.  Words and images, if well manipulated, can change minds or motivate people to do things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do.


Art that educates is priceless.  Images which depict special times in history, or songs that mark historical turning points in the nation can educate us and provides visual or audio insights which will enrich our memories forever.

Passion pays Off, Eventually

True artists are passionate about their work and performance. If they don’t make a single Nickle or dime off their creations, they are still thrilled over the creative process itself.  However, the more passionate an artist about his or her work, the more faith they will have that someday their creative, hard work and vision will pay off.

Many artists wait years before they are discovered and hit a certain degree of financial success. However, they were willing to work hard and long without any guaranteed of success.  For example, Tyler Perry and his character Medea didn’t come to any type of success until after 13 years of failure after failure. However, because if his passion and belief in what he had to offer, his day of recognition and reward came.







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