What IBM Can Offer Your Business?

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An American multinational technology company, IBM has been serving businesses and organizations for over 100 years. Its inventions helped paved the way for modern technology.

The company, located in Armonk New York, operates in 170 countries and has a net income of $11.872 Billion. Also, the company employees 380,000 employees.

The trustworthy quality and efficiency of its brands have kept the technology company as one of the leading technology companies in the industry.

IBM technology

As an inventor of the PC, the automatic teller machine, and hard disk driver, (just to name of few) IBM has been and remains a powerful forerunner of model technology.


  • Invented the PC and set the standard for modern PCs
  • Quality products and services
  • Name Recognition


  • Industry changes, including the arrival of Mobile technological rivals, such as Verizon, AT & T, and Microsoft has stolen a good deal of the glory IBM once enjoyed.

However, IBM is here to stay. The company continues to adapt to the changing times, purchasing a variety of different services, including PwC Consulting and The Weather Channel.

Who Buys IBM Products:

The outstanding technology company target both small and large business as well as ordinary consumers worldwide. Organizations and individuals buy from this iconic brand because it is the most recognizable name, in terms of office equipment and technology, on the planet.

Products & Services

  • Computer hardware,
  • Software
  • Keypunches
  • Sorters
  • Collators
  • Typewriters and dictating equipment
  • Copier/duplicators
  • Calculators

Services Provided

  • PwC Consulting
  • SPSS
  • The Weather Channel

The Competition

Although IBM is an extremely profitable giant in a league by itself, its dominance has dwindled due to the introduction of mobile technology, flourishing rival brands, and other modern industry factors. Dell, HP and Apple computers are popular office brands which represent the once dominant IBM standard for PC.

Final Opinion

Because of its name recognition, contribution to the industry, and trustworthy brands, IBM is a highly profitable company in which to invest. Its products and services are reliable, efficient and expansive enough to meet your most vital office and business needs.





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