Essential Knowledge for Verizon Owners-A Short Review

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Verizon, another American telecommunication conglomerate behind AT&T, was founded on October 7, 1983. Highly successful, it employs 162,000 individuals and earns a net income of $13.12 Billion.

I have been using the Verizon mobile phone products for years. I have never had any problems dealing with quality or service.


  • Choice of Brand Options
  • Reliability
  • Superior performance
  • Outstanding customer service


  • Products can be expensive for some consumers

Type of Users

Using Verizon products and services is for those who desire superior products and services as well as a taste of prestige. You can go hardly anywhere without hearing the word “Verizon”.  You hear it on TV commercials as well as from family and friends.  You see the word on billboards as well as internet advertisements.  The positive image of Verizon is so overwhelming that people just go with the brand. What is often talked about and discussed becomes a very attractive force.


Verizon Products

  • Digital media
  • Broad bands
  • Mobile phone
  • Fixed-line phone
  • Cable television


What Does Verizon Promise?

The goal of this company is to provide its customers with superior service and quality and to establish a long-term relationship with customers, strengthened by a show of appreciation and respect.

The technology giant certainly delivers on its promise, verified by its position as the second largest telecommunication source in the world.

The key to Verizon’s Success

Strong brand name image

Customers love to go with a popular brand because of several reasons:

Trustworthiness-people cannot resist a brand that everyone talks about. Such brands are trustworthy when it comes to reliability, high quality, and superior performances.

Some customers go with a brand because of its prestigious image. I chose this telecommunication company because of its popularity. I knew that if everyone wanted it that it must have been among the best telecommunication companies.

Ranking in its Field relative to competition

Verizon’s most powerful rival happens to be AT& T, the largest telecommunication conglomerate in the world. Its brands, products, and services dominate the marketplace, expanding across borders worldwide.

However, Verizon is the next technological beast in line for the challenge of becoming number one.  To improve greatly, Verizon must keep doing what it is doing well and improve upon those things which kept it in second place.

By paying attention to the shifting needs of customers and by adapting to the changing trends of the economy, VC will be able to reach equilibrium with its rival AT & T.  Verizon must continue to exercise integrity and show appreciation for customers.   One slip up by its rival could make the difference between remaining in second place or becoming number one.

My Final Opinion

Are the Verizon brands worth purchasing? Yes! %100. You will get high-quality products, great customer service, and impressive performance.

Rating: 10 out of 10



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