Why Apple Matters?

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Staying ahead of the competition in any industry is an indication of passion, superior knowledge, and incredible skill.  Apple Inc. has demonstrated these qualities and then some.  One of the most celebrated multinational technology companies in the world, Apple Inc. is second to none when it comes to dynamic innovation and constant improvement.

Founded on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, the Apple Corporation is composed of 478 retail stores at home and internationally, with annual sales totaling $233 billion for 2015. It also employs 115,000 employees. The magnitude of such success guarantees that Apple’s stock will continue to rise as long as there is a technology industry.

Apple’s only major rival happens to be Google and its Android operation system, a technological system which allowed such brand names a Samsung to smartphones with features competitive to those of the Apple corporation.


Dominance in any industry can exist for many reasons. In the case of Apple’s greatness,  the performance of its leaders, including Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, and others, must be heavily acknowledged. Their work is characterized by superior technical knowledge and skill, constant innovation and passion for providing a better quality of life for the consumer.

Apple’s cutting-edge technology: Hardware Products

  • iPhone Smartphone
  • iPad tablet computer
  • Mac Personal Computer
  • iPod portable media player
  • Apple watches smartwatch
  • Apple TV digital media player

Apple’s cutting-edge technology: Software Products


  • Mac OS
  • Mac iOS operating system
  • iTunes media player
  • Safari web browser
  • I Life and iWork productivity and creativity suites

Apple’s champion online stores

  • Itunes store
  • iOS App Store
  • Mac App Store
  • iCloud store

The Apple corporations claimed its fame to greatness by constantly improving on its hardware and software, creating a more superior product than before.  When every Apple  Announces an upgrade to one of their products such as the iPhone, the announcement sets the consumer’s expectation ablaze with excitement and anticipation.

One of the most important reasons for Apple’s great authority in the technology industry is the millions of consumers who are madly obsessed with its brands.

Why is this! Consumers love newness. The Apply Corporation knows exactly how to deliver this newness by embracing constant innovation.  The Apple Corporation is always announcing something new for their technological enthusiast who desires to experience greater levels of technology.

Since Apple Inc. makes technology fun, its’ stock will continue to rise and its’ shares will continue to increase. The iPhone, iPad, and iPod have undergone many upgrades. These technological wonders have become quicker in assessing information, more engaging with increases in the number of apps, and more entertaining with the connection with such online stores as iTunes and iLife.

Consumer Craze

Apple teaches us that the way to capture the consumer’s heart is to create the most advanced product imaginable, destroying the competition.  This determination is the reason millions of people will stand outside in the cold and rain for the release of an Apple product.

To achieve brand loyalty is a godsend. This goal should be the goal of every industry, whether or not its brand involves creating technology or providing a service.  Customer will surrender their heart to your organization if you are constantly thinking about upgrading your brand to a more superior quality than its previous state.

What Failing Organizations can do?

An organization who fail in their industry don’t have the fire in the belly to burn the midnight oil for better ideas, to constantly upgrade their brands, to provide a better quality of life for consumers who are always looking for the next great thing.

When you have you upgraded your brand or when have you expanded your product line to stay competitive in your industry?  You must ask yourself and the leaders of your organization whether or not the company has the belief, faith, and passion for captivating the heart of the consumer and moving toward dominance.  Consider Apple for inspiration.



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