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The Kia Optimal 2019 is a 4 door, a midsized sedan with a 2-4-liter gasoline engine rated at 185 horsepower at 6, 000 rpm. It also comes in a hybrid version.  Kia Optimal competition includes the Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

This sporty and impressive sedan is for individuals who love to ride in style but at a cheaper cost than they would get in most in-demand luxury cars.  Smooth riding and spacious interior provide a sense of relaxation and comfort for all passengers.

General Features

  • UVO Multimedia System converted to User Friendly Tiered System
  • Apple Car play and Android Auto Capability
  • 360 Degree Camera systems Available
  • Superb styling
  • 5 Gallon Gas Tank

Safety Features

  • Forward Collision Avoidance Assist-warns and break for safety
  • Driver Attention Warning System helps you stay alert
  • Lane Departure warning, redirects steering

The above is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vast array of features offered by the sporty, impressive looking Kia Optimal 2019. Extending Features includes:

  • On-demand Diagnostics
  • Maintenance alert
  • Vehicle Alarm notification
  • Geofencing and speed alerts
  • Remote start with climate control
  • Remote Locking and unlocking
  • Remote activation of the horn and light

Customization couldn’t get any better with the availability of such intriguing options. The priority of Kia Optimal 2019 is your convenience and sense of safety and security.

The 24-31 MPG Kia Optimal has a price range of $22,999 to $31,900. For the superb style and interior luxury, and a vast amount of features available for this intriguing sedan, the price range is undoubtedly quality reasonable.

What others are saying

Individuals who have bought purchased the Kia Optimal 2019 are highly satisfied, enjoying the great performance of this great automobile. Many, including myself, have given this car a 5-star rating due to its magnificent features and performance.


  • Exterior and Interior design provides a sense of style and convenience
  • Low Gas Mileage: 24-35 MPG, save money for other things
  • Overwhelming Safety Features provides a sense of optimal security


  • Consumers may not care about upgrades from Kia 2018. Can save up to a $1,000 on Kia Optimal 2018.

Final Opinion

If you want an outstanding automobile with low gas mileage, style and sophistication, and a vast choice of intriguing features then the Kia Optimal 2019 is the ride for you.



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