Top Ten Master Chef Salaries in Selected Cities

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The master chef is the heart and soul of any iconic restaurant. Such a person is passionate about the satisfaction and convenience of those who visit his restaurants. He creates food menus designed to highly impress potential customers and potentially keep them coming back. Although not exclusively, most master chef positions are found in popular resorts and major metropolitan areas such as New York and Boston.
Becoming a master chef is a journey, but it can happen in the simplest of ways. Many master chefs get their start by working under the direct supervision of a master chef or by working in an apprentice program as a line cook. However, the majority of master chefs enter a cooking program through a community college, technical school, culinary art school or 4-year college program.


Master chef salaries
Individuals interested in pursuing a career in the culinary arts and becoming a master chef must decide whether or not to enroll in an accredited apprentice program or attend an educational institution. Direct experience under a master chef may be the most inviting but such opportunities are far and in between. In this often the case, a great alternative is to enroll in a program.

Search the internet under the phrase culinary schools in order to find the right school for you. You may want to attend a local school or relocate to another city or state. But like any other schools you may attempt to enter, you must fill out an admittance form, meet with academic advisors if acceptable, and choose the appropriate courses for your program.

Average Top 10 for Master Chefs’ Salaries Arranged by Cities

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the top 10 median salaries for master chefs are listed below. However, a great majority of master chefs can make up to $80.000 or more a year. The median salaries are arranged by cities, starting from the highest to the lowest:
• Boston, MA: $59,351
• Washington, D.C: $58,333
• Bethesda, MD: $58,333
• Philadelphia, PA: $54,333
• Seattle, WA: $49,890
• San Diego, CA: $48,667
• Los Angeles, CA: $48,667
• Denver, Co: $48,667
• Chicago, Ill: $48,000
• Portland, OK: $46,667

The outlook for a career in the culinary industry, especially as a master chef, tends to be stable with the chance for gradual growth. Opportunities for the position will arise as older chefs continue to retire in the year 2015 and beyond.

Responsibilities of a Master Chef

Although the ambition for becoming a master chef may be high, the work can be exhausting at times. The majority of chefs work more than 12 hours a day.
Master Chef must also recruit, train line cooks, food preparation workers, and supervisors. He or she must also become an inspector of all equipment, supplies and work areas to assure good organization, quality, and functionality. And if anything drastic occurs regarding the quality of the food or service, the master chef must take the blame.
However, the position of a master chef is very rewarding if you love cooking and serving people in major metropolitan areas and popular resort locations. It is an opportunity to be creative and innovative in coming up with new ideas to satisfy customers.



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