The TF-X- Terrafugia Flying Car-A False Hope or Certain Reality?

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The fascination with cars and the possibilities they can offer the buyer is becoming more and more intriguing. The article discusses the 21st century Terrafugia Transition, a futuristic flying car that can change the transportation game forever.


Created by celebrated MIT-trained engineers, the 1,320 pound Terrafugia Transition-an aircraft car-stands over 6 feet tall, with a length passing 19 feet and featuring a 27’ 6 wingspan. This light aircraft possesses both automotive and airplane features, including front wheel drive, tank fit for 20 gallons of fuel with 30 mpg road travel, airbags, and a crash safety device. For the aircraft side, the Terrafugia features two automatic folding wings, a cargo for personal items and a parachute for escaping the danger of crashing.


Ordinary citizens who possess the Terrafugia Transition will enjoy a host of benefits such as the option to drive on the road or fly in the air, avoiding the harassment and confusion of commercial flights, (if not entirely now, certainly in the near future when more sophisticated models are produced).


The ability to drive to work when the weather is bad or fly to work when the skies are blue is one of the key benefits of this 21st-century aircraft phenomenon. In one way or another Terrafugia Transition will not allow you to miss a single day at the office if that is what you prefer?


Another benefit for the owner of a Terrafugia Transition is the ability to get away from the daily grind. When personal conditions are overwhelming at home and on the job, this light sports aircraft can provide a temporary escape from it all. In fact, that is exactly what the word Terrafugia mean: escape.

Case Study

Subhash Shihora, an NRI businessman from Ahmedabad, is a proud owner of a Terrafugia Transition. The only choice between driving a car and flying a plane is the push of a button. When wants to fly, he pushes an inside button and the car sprouts winds wings, allowing him to fly to work. But if he wants to drive home, all Sub hash Shohola has to do is push the same button and the airplane is transformed into care.

The remarkable thing about the Transition is that neighbors and other onlookers will not be aware that it is a flying car. The wings are so uniquely integrated into the car that people can not distinguish it from a sophisticated sports vehicle. Mr. Shihora states that he “can attend meeting in a different city within one single day.”

Shihora purchased the car from the Massachusetts firm responsible for produces the Terrafugia Transition. The car is a part sedan and part private jet, consisting of two seats and four wheels.

Mr. Shihora could not operate the flying car without the approval of the aviation department and the national security agency of India.

Mr. Shihora is not the only person who will be able to enjoy the adventure and freedom offered by this unique aircraft. The everyday consumer will have the opportunity to become an owner as well.

The Massachusetts-based company(in 2015) will reveal plans for releasing a Terrafugia Transition model that can be driven into the average garage. However, potential owners will have to go through a six-hour training session in order to be competent enough to operate the vehicle.


Critics may wonder about the downside of the Terrafugia Transition’s arrival into modern society and the initial problems it may produce flight-wise. As the demand increases across the nation, a new aviation system will have to be designed to maintain air traffic safety. In the meantime, pilots will have to be thoroughly trained to avoid potential disasters, including bird flocks, telephone poles, and potential crashes with other small as well as large aircraft.

Rules and Regulations

But the Massachusets-based company has assured that there is no reason to worry about the safety of this spectacular mechanism. Safety rules and regulations regarding the Terrafugia transition have already been implemented so that potential owners can fill completed securely while traveling across states or within the city. Studies show that the flying vehicle is statistically safer than the average automobile. The consumer needs to be aware of a number of safety factors:


Unique Safety Factors:

  • Capable of automatically maneuvering around air traffic, bad weather and restricted airspace controlled by towers.
  • Possesses a full backup car –parachute system in case the operator is incapable of landing the mechanism
  • In case of a flight emergency, the Terrafugia Transition is approved to land in a non-approved landing zone.
  • Automatically activates an emergency auto-land in case the pilot becomes unresponsive

The arrival of the Terrafugia Transition will definitely be a game changer in the world in which new technology and inventions are appearing on the scene almost daily. The Future of transportation will be very interesting.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that the Terrafugia Transition is a worthwhile phenomenon that will become a prominent reality in the 21st century. The possibility of driving a car and flying within it on the same day is beyond our wildest dreams. Travel will never be the same. For a $10, 000 down payment on this $194.000 aircraft, you can become among the few who are able to afford this exciting, innovative form of transportation.

Terrafugia: It’s Time to Make the Transition




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