Sheet Music Stores-A Forgotten Tradition

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Schmitt Music Store: An Insiders Perception

On April 2, 2015, while driving in a quiet industrial area I came upon a giant sign: Schmitt Music: Open to the Public. The time was around 2.30pm. The sign fascinated me. I had driven this way before but had not seen such an inviting sign as this one.
Upon walking inside, I was met with a long hallway that stretched toward the center of the building. I vaguely overheard two men at the counter next to the entrance discussing musical events of some nature. The conversation sounded interesting but I didn’t stick around for clarity.
A couple of people, on their way out of the door, passed by without speaking, appearing to be caught up in some musical daze. I have seen it before. I have experienced it myself. A Musical thought has a way of mesmerizing the mind to the exclusion of all outside stimuli.
The atmosphere was quiet and welcoming.

Pros: Comprehensive selection of sheet music, instruments and musical programs for music lovers; also provides a variety of musical instrumental lessons
Cons: located in a sparsely populated industrial area in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota; could be hard to find if you are not familiar with the area

Exhibitions Rooms

Arriving at the end of the hall brought me to the main exhibition rooms. In the room immediately in front contained a huge glass window. Hanging on the walls was an elegant collection of wind instruments, including trumpets, clarinets, flutes, and trombones. The display was exceedingly magnificent.
To my right, as I turn to enter the next section, a gentleman at the desk counter was talking to someone on the phone while operating the computer, as if searching for information. Another person, a woman of Asian descent, was busy showing instruments to a customer.

Sheet Music Heaven

Entering into the next exhibition room made me feel as though I was right at home. I had played a variety of sheet music while an organist for a local church I attended as a teenager. Sheet music always fascinated me and I was surrounded by shelves of sheet music designed for every instrument. Sheet music existed for pianos, organs, horns, trumpets, horns, band & orchestra and several other combinations.

Music Lesson Rooms

As I reach to grab a thick, gray colored book, I couldn’t help from noticing the small practicing rooms aligned along the wall. Both children and adults received music lessons from a variety of music teachers who came and went throughout the day.

The Gather of Grand Pianos

Standing in the center of the sheet music exhibition as gave me a straight view into the grand piano rooms. It appeared to be huge pianos of every type. I likely knew some of the name brands such as Yamaha, Williams, Kawai, and Casablanca. The gentlemen sitting next to the entrance of the piano exhibition appeared ready to receive the first customer as soon as he or she could arrive.

The Magical Seduction of Sheet Music

However, my fascination for the sheet music wouldn’t allow me to go anywhere else outside these exhibitions. I roamed from shelf to shelf, opening various books of sheet music, sounding out the notes of both familiar and unfamiliar songs.
Regardless of your style or choice of music, it existed in the form of sheet music, ranging from classical, pop, rock, gospel to modern day hip-hop. Song themes form every imaginable movie or theatrical play could be found in sheet music.

Departure & Conclusion

Time was standing still. But I had to nudge it aside. My daily responsibility made it necessary to head for the exits. My exit was pretty much similar to my exit: out of the exhibitions rooms, though the long hall and out of the door. This time renewed with another level of inspiration in a wonderful musical atmosphere.
Schmitt Music Store in Brooklyn Center is well worth visiting if you are in the area. But make sure you have a working GPS or a handed MapQuest guide at hand.




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