McDonald’s Wrestles Burger King: The Winning Burger Icon Is?

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As an avid lover of delicious burgers, I sometimes find it hard to choose between the top two burger icons in the world: Mac Donald’s and Burger King.

Both restaurants offer a wide variety of outstanding burger items.  However, Mc Donald’s and Burger King have many similarities and a few differences.

The similarity in Food Items

You cannot wait to sink your teeth into one of the juicy burgers when you enter the Mc Donald’s and Burger King. Both restaurants have a wide variety of burgers.


Burger King has the Whopper Jr., Whopper, Double Whopper, Tripper Whopper, Extra Long cheeseburger, and ultimate Bacon cheeseburger.

Mc Donald’s has hamburgers, cheeseburgers, the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Double Quarter Pounder, Bacon and Cheese Club House.

The burger you choose depends on how hungry you are feeling on a particular day. However, the choices are overwhelming.

The similarity in Customer Service

In both Mc Donald’s and Burger King, you are greeted quite quickly with a big pleasant smile. Some are real, but others possess a form of realness.  Nevertheless, the greetings are usually pretty favorable and make you want to stay and buy a burger.

The similarity in Store Quality

Usually, both restaurants are kept quite clean and neat. You don’t see spilled soda or food on the floor for long before some employee comes and cleans it up.  Also, the employees wear thin plastic gloves when handling the food.

The cashier area and food counters are orderly and accessible to servers who must move quickly to complete orders.

There are a few differences between the two iconic burger places.

The difference in Breakfast food choices

When it comes to breakfast food, Mcdonald’s rule the world: Hot Pancakes, Big Breakfast, Big Breakfast with Hot Cakes,  Hot Cakes and Sausage,  Steak, egg and cheese biscuit,  bacon, egg, and cheese Griddle, Egg Mac Muffins now are served all day long.

Burger King has a few breakfast items, including a variety of Crossan’wich breakfast sandwiches, sausage, egg and cheese biscuits, pancake and sausage platter and ice coffee items.  But Burger King doesn’t have nearly enough to compete with Mc Donald’s to attract breakfast lovers.

Another difference is that Mc Donald’s has more beverages alternatives from which customers can select.  Not only do they have a variety of shakes and sodas, but Mc Donald’s also has a variety of breakfast beverages, including a family Mochas( Mc Cafe’ Caramel Mocha, White Mocha, Frappe Mocha…) and many other coffee items for customer’s morning adventures.

Burger king’s top breakfast beverage includes Smooth Roast Decaf Coffee, Smooth Roast Iced Coffee, and Smooth Roast Vanilla Iced Coffee.

The bottom line is that Mc Donald’s reigns supreme in the burger world, but Burger King is not far behind, at least not in America. Both please have a selection of delicious burgers that makes the mouth water.  The restaurant you choose to eat at depends on your taste buds at any given time.  Will you choose the Big Mach or Whopper?




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