Wendy’s-A Current Review of the Third Largest Burger Restaurant

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The Wendy’s Company, formally Wendy’s, arguably consists of the third largest burger restaurant chain behind McDonald’s and Burger King. Founded in 1969 in Columbus Ohio, its net income total is 161.1 million USD.

The Wendy’s company is the result of a merger between Wendy’s and Triarc Company Inc., the former parent company of Arby’s.

My Wendy’s Experience

One summer while living in Milwaukee Wisconsin, my niece arrived from down south to finish her high school diploma. She neither had the money or a job. After running around town trying to find a suitable high school for her to attend, which happened to be a block down the street, I needed to get her a job.

Because of my frequent visits to Wendy’s the staff knew me so well. After chit-chatting with the manager, I asked if the restaurant were hiring. Of course, they were. They needed cashiers badly. So, the manager said,” if she has any cashier experience, you have a job.”

I returned home hopeful. I didn’t know if my niece had any cashier experience at all. I had to wait until she got home from school.

To my surprise, she did have cashier experience. She was delighted when I told her about Wendy’s job opportunity down the block opposite to her school. She was immediately hired and was working the next day.

The whole situation was miraculous. It was a matter of just a walking a block in opposite directions. On one end was her school. On the other end was her job. She didn’t need any extra money or transportation for getting around. Thanks to the Wendy’s Company.

The Wendy’s Single and Double Stack food products are the delicious burgers which have made me a long- time customer. I will never forget all the small and large frostys that I gobbled down on sweltering summer days.

I would give Wendy’s a rating of 9 out of 10.


  • Great “Smiling Faces” customer Service
  • Quick Service
  • Healthy Food Choices


  • No National Breakfast Menu

Who Eats at Wendy’s:

All types of customers eat at the Wendy’s Company, even customers who eat at other burger restaurants. Some of my friends eat at McDonald’s and Burger King. Each fast food restaurant chain has its own specialists. For example, Wendy’s has the Single, Double Stack and the mouthwatering Frosty.

When you enter a Wendy’s, the staff usually greets you with kindness. Takes your order and returns it quite speedily.

The third largest restaurant change offers a variety of food choices, including:


  • Hamburger
  • Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Single, Double and Triple stack
  • Baconator

Chicken Burgers

  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  • Homestyle chicken sandwich
  • Homestyle Asiago Club
  • Spicy Asiago club
  • 10 Piece Crispy Chicken Nuggets
  • Grilled Asiago Club
  • Grilled, spicy, and Homestyle chicken wraps

Healthy Choices

  • Spicy Chicken Caesar
  • Garden Side Salad
  • Bacon Cheese Potato

Customer Service

The goal of  Wendy’s Company is to please the customer. Most of the restaurants I have entered are neat and clean, with well-mopped floors. You are greeted with a smile. Because of the focus they put into preparing your order, you are eating a meal in no time.

Customers are time conscious. The faster you deliver a product or service the greater opportunity you have of winning the customer’s heart. This is the reason why Wendy’s Company is the third largest burger chain in the fast food restaurant business.


Wendy’s prices are reasonable. I used to buy a burger for just one dollar. Two dollars would be my a small frosty. In addition, there are coupons and deals offered weekly.

My Final Opinion on The Wendy’s Company

So, is the Wendy’s Company an Outcast to McDonald’s and Burger King? No way is Wendy’s an outcast to its two largest rivals. The Wendy’s Company has its own distinctive products and services. Millions are served daily.

The Burgers consist of quality beef. Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich is a class act. The frosty product is a delicious thirst quencher.

Satisfaction Guaranteed, especially for the avid burger lover.






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