The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Brand-Innovation, Creativity and Expansion

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An indicator of a magnificent company is its ability to survive through tremendous changes and emerge stronger than ever. Harley Davidson is such a company.

Founded in 1903, the company has triumphed over much adversity, including the Great Depression, multiple ownership and subsidiary challenges, economic emergencies, poor product quality, and stiff international competition.

Through it all, the Harley Davidson brand has emerged to be the largest and most in-demand motorcycles in the world.

Keys to Success

  • Creativity, innovation, and risk-taking
  • Strong brand name and image
  • Experience curve over rivals
  • Loyal customer base
  • Continual product improvement, and reliability
  • A commitment to innovation and excellence
  • Expanding the product line to include lighter motorcycles
  • Variety of motorcycle choices

Haley Davidson’s track record is the reason for its rise to prominence. Headquartered in Milwaukee Wisconsin, the outstanding company’s output includes 260, 289 units. In addition, Harley Davidson employees 6,400 and earn a net income of $692.2 million, according to Wikipedia.

Who is the Harley Davidson Motorcycle for?

Anyone who loves riding a Harvey Motorcycle down the open road and enjoying the freedom and experience of a smooth cruise. Individuals have a choice of motorcycle styles to select from other than just the big “Hog”, the heavyweight cruiser.  Several new styles include:

  • D Street
  • Sportster
  • Softail
  • Touring
  • CVO

For a visual of these wonderful bikes, you can visit the Harley Davidson website. The prices of these bikes range from $US7000-43,000.

The Haley Davidson brand has expanded into other geographic boundaries, including Brazil, Bawal, India and other parts of the world.  Operations in America include Pennsylvania, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kansas City, and Missouri.

Training & Support

Individuals who purchase any of the Harley Davidson Motorcycles will have support on how to operate the motorbike., Harley Davidson offers courses both for beginners and advanced riders.  The company also operates an online store where it offers a variety of products and accessories.  But for more information on training and courses, visit the Harley Davidson website.

Final Opinion

As a frequent visitor to the Harley Davidson factory in Milwaukee, the employee takes immense pride in producing the Harley Davidson Motorcycle. The events and display of the products always create an air of excitement and feeling of pride in owning a Harley motorcycle.

If you are thinking about buying or renting a motorcycle, the Harley Davidson brand is the one that is designed to make a prestigious difference in your life.



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