Life Time Fitness Review-An Optimal Fitness Agenda?

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Lifetimes Fitness is a thriving chain of health clubs in America and Canada. Founded in 1990 as FLA and in 1992, 28 years ago. Headquartered in Chanhassen, Minnesota, the chain is privately owned. The successful fitness club constantly receives thousands of memberships.

Lifetime Fitness offers hundreds of classes with passionate instructors who are top performers in their fitness game.


  • Choice of Fitness Options
  • Highly Affordable prices


  • Can get injured without a personal trainer, especially if new to fitness

The goal of Lifetime Fitness is to be a leader in the health and fitness industry by providing the best fitness knowledge and training on the planet.

Lifetime fitness

Who are Life Time Fitness Customers?

The trend toward health and fitness makes Life Time Fitness a choice for all individuals who desire to live a life of feeling good in body, mind, and soul. Getting the body moving is the first step toward obtaining quality health.

Services and Products

  • Weight training
  • Cardio training
  • Yoga
  • Cycle training
  • Salon
  • Food court
  • Childcare center
  • Indoor/outdoor pool
  • Personal fitness instruction

Specialty Studio Classes

  • Life BARRE-dance inspired movement
  • Barbell strength– weight training
  • TCX-combination of strength, endurance, and cardio
  • STRICK-fighting drilled inspired by martial arts
  • Warrior sculpt-a combination of yoga and weight training

PILATE Program-designed to develop strength, flexibility, and mobility.


  • $20 to join

Training and Support

Life Time Fitness employs state of the art trainers who are passionate and excellent in their fields. Any individual who is uncertain on how to approach a fitness plan can consult with the appropriate training instructor.

The goal of these top performers is to get you fit and trim and feeling well. Your well being is their top priority.  Training includes weight loss, fitness specialty training, and team training which includes such programs as Boot Camp, ALPHA, Burn and Cut. Consult the website for a more in-depth understanding of these specialty programs.

Final Opinion

If you desire an incredibly affordable price for investing in a state-of-the-art fitness club, then you should consider Life Time Fitness. You will meet some of the most friendly staff and trainers in the business.

Now is the time to get serious about your health and fitness. Studies prove that diabetics and other diseases are the direct results of poor exercise and wrong eating habits. Don’t wait too long to get your body and mind shape.

Rating of Company: 10 out of 10


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