TOP GOLF-The High Tech Sports Entertainment Attraction Transforming Minnesota

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Improving that golf swing and getting your golf game on the right track will soon become an all-year-round reality in Brooklyn Center Minnesota. No doubt about it, the game of golf is an attractive, prestigious pass time or (full time) sports for avid golf enthusiast of all ages.

In a small suburban city in Minnesota, the atmosphere has drastically changed. Having gotten rid of a long-term attraction, Regal theater, located off highway 252, Topgolf-recognized as a high-tech golf center, has successfully replaced the popular movie brand.


The Pros and Cons of Having a High Tech golf Center in Your Neck of the Woods


• Fun for the whole family
• Choice of entertainment options
• Educational in terms of the game of golf
• Social status/prestige, Topgolf has the potential to draw an attractive customer base.
• Reasonable memberships prices, gift cards
• Instant gratification (Year-round golf experience)


The potential for too much traffic coming into the small suburban community, However, the high-tech golf attraction opens the door for business growth and development.

The high tech golf company is already bringing so much more to the Brooklyn Center area, including tens of thousands of golf enthusiast as well as fans of the game. Sooner or later, I believe the golf attraction will become so popular that it will attract a wave of business development in the area that will rival that of the most popular Minnesota cities.

According to the company’s website, Topgolf, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is operational in 44 US cities in addition to 3 in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2000 by Steve Jolliffe and Dave Jolliffe, who sought to improve their own game, the high tech golf attraction employs over 13,000 individuals and associates and serves over 10 million guests annually.

Who is Topgolf for?

Topgolf caters to all ages and skill levels. If you love golf and desire to improve your game all year long, then the popular, high-tech center is to the place to be. Individuals get to practice in a climate controlled environment. That’s means that if its -20 below zero, golf lovers can still work on their game and improve their skills and horn their talents.

Playing golf isn’t the only intriguing pull factor when it comes to experiencing the fun and excitement of sports attraction. Individuals can rent space for a verity of events and programs, including

• Company events
• Small & large groups parties
• Kids & Teens Parties
• Fundraisers etc.

The goal of Topgolf is to provide its guest with an extraordinary experience.
Individuals can participate in several activities, events, and programs. These include a variety of games, leagues, lessons & classes, golf tours and more.

Kids Zone

Don’t have anything for the children to do! No need to worry. The children will never get bored while playing in the kid zone. While you are working on your swing, the kids will have a blast playing in a variety of game rooms.

Tasty Food

One of the greatest things about Topgolf is its selection of delicious food. Each venue has its own unique chef. Delicious foods such as smokehouse burgers, pepperoni flatbread pizza, fresh toast, Brisket grilled sandwiches, chicken & waffles and much more.

Be sure to get a  gift card so that you can enjoy the many benefits when you use it for birthdays, holidays, graduations, membership, apparel, lessons, games as well as food and drinks.

Anticipation for High Tech Golf

Residents and golf enthusiast throughout the area and beyond are having big fun. Each time I exit my apartment, just across the street from the big High Tech, 65,000-square foot Golf facility I can only imagine how it will continue to transform the area, bringing tons of excitement and intrigue.


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