Saks Fifth Avenue: A Review of a High Class American Luxury Store Brand

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Shopping in a high class American luxury store is a dream come to for many people, especially for those who possess an appreciation for the finer things in life. Saks Fifth Avenue is one of those high-class stores. Owned by Hudson’s Bay Company, one of the oldest corporation in the world, operates in many geographic areas, including 39 states as well as international locations.

Founded in 1867, Saks Fifth Avenue has been in the business of serving consumers with sophistication in clothing and other merchandise for 151 years. Such companies are trusted for their outstanding customer satisfaction and high-quality products.


  • Prestigious Name brand clothing
  • Variety of clothing and apparel
  • Experience Curve over rivals


  • Most items may be too expensive for the average consumer

Who are Saks Fifth Avenue Customers?

The customers of Saks Fifth Avenue are not you normal consumers. This group has money to spend on the finer things in life, including distinguished clothing, shoes, and other items. Consumers have a huge choice of shopping options.

Saks Fifth Avenue products include Women’s apparel, shoes, beauty items, handbags, jewelry, and accessories. The store offers a wide selection of men and children clothing in addition to merchandise for the home.

A great company doesn’t stay in one place. They grow and expand beyond geographical boundaries. By 2016, Saks Fifth Avenue had over 100 stores worldwide.

Stores in Major Cities

  • New York
  • California
  • Rhode Island
  • Detroit
  • Minneapolis
  • Pittsburgh
  • San Francisco


  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Bahram
  • Kazakhstan
  • Canada
  • Mexico City

Overcoming Adversity

A powerful sign of a great company is its ability to survive through adversity and still come out a winner in the eyes of consumers. During the recession of 2008, Saks Fifth Ave had to close many stores. However, because of the superiority of its products and name brand image, Saks Fifth Avenue survives vial Hudson’s Bay Company.


Just as its rival Nordstrom, consumers can pay up to 4,000 for some items, especially Gucci and other prestigious brand names.

Final Opinion

If you are a person with a taste for the finer things in life and who has the money to back up, you desire than Saks Fifth Avenue is the luxury department store for you. The good thing about buying fine clothing is that you will not find many other people wearing the same piece of clothing.

I have been fortunate enough to buy a few clothing items from the prestigious retail department store and still possess some of them. The quality of the clothing is outstanding and can last a life time if maintained well.

Company Rating: 10 out of 10





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