Johnson Controls Inc. Brief Review of an Global Technology and Multi-Industrial Icon

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A multinational conglomerate, Johnson Controls Inc. manufactures automobile parts, including batteries, electronics and HVAC equipment for buildings as well.  Founded in 1885, Johnson Controls is located in Cork, Ireland. Under the watch of CEO George Oliver, the highly successful conglomerate does employ 121, 000 individuals, with over 1,290 operations across six continents.


Johnson Controls Inc. aims is to build long term relationships with customers and stakeholders as well as render outstanding customer service via constant innovation and state of the art technology.


  • Attractive customer base
  • Superior product quality
  • Wide geographic coverage
  • Fortune Global 500


  • Denied Fortune 500 Status
  • Sued in 03/20/94 by 3 Workers

Method of Operation

Johnson Control Inc. operates in four Business Units:

  • Automobile Experience
  • Power Solutions
  • Building Efficiency
  • Global Workplace Solutions

Great companies are no one dimensional; offering only one product or service. The Johnson Control’s business units produce products and services that reach a vast amount of customers across the world.

Products Offered

  • Batteries
  • Climate Control
  • Facility Management
  • Fire Alarm and Suppression

Customer Effectiveness Results

A great company knows how to expand its customer base and keep its clients and customers satisfied by providing superior quality, availability, and reliability. Customers will remain loyal to companies that they can rely on for being there, regardless if demand is high or low.

Success via Joint Ventures

Great companies don’t become great by themselves. When companies decide on a joint venture, outstanding innovation can be achieved.  Overtime, Johnson Controls Inc. joined with such entities as Amara Raja batteries of Amaron, India; Soft Group S.A, Diniz Johnson Controls, and Brookfield Prosperities

Johnson Control Inc. also merged with Tyco International on January 25, 2016. The great thing about mergers and joint ventures is that companies gain access to additional people with high sort of skills, talents, knowledge and innovative power.

Question: Will Johnson Control Inc. reach Fortune 500 status?

Well, the answer is not a matter of when.  The great conglomerate has already reached that status. But to be recognized it will have to move its base to America. The recognition and rewards of Fortune 500 greatness are geared toward American based Companies only.






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