Eddie Bauer: Finding the Perfect Winter Coat

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Finding a good winter coat isn’t easy. Most coats I see in the fashionable clothing stores, including JC Penny’s, Sears, Macy’s and Kohl’s department store, are weak and doesn’t fully protect your skin on bitter cold Minneapolis days.

So Suddenly I was in the Mall of America. Where could I find a good winter coat? I thought to myself. My options were vast. Clothing stores which I cannot pronounce were begging me to come inside them. However, most stores catered to a younger crowd, not a middle-aged black man who loved heat and just wanted to stay warm whenever I ventured into the thick Minnesota Chill.

People where everywhere, going and coming in and out of stores, whole families walking and laughing. Upstares, I guess on the 3rd level, people were eating food from a circle of attractive restaurants which served a variety of delicious treats, including hamburgers, hot dogs, Asian dishes, chicken meals, and big ice cream cones.

 Essential Spending Only

If I had had any additional money, I would have bought myself a tasty meal, perhaps, Asian Shrimp Fried Rice.

Shopping for a coat can be exhausting. I went into every interesting store that I thought could have the coat I was looking for. I wanted a coat that hugged me real tight, sheltering me from the harsh winter. The coat should cover the upper neck and completely shield the head from winter’s blast.

Destination: Eddie Bauer

After several hours of chasing possibilities, I finally discovered my ideal coat in an ideal place, whose coats were made for no other than the Minnesota winters: Eddie Bauer clothing store.

Eddie Bauer had the coats and they were ready for the cold. Big thick coats that were made for the toughest below zero temperatures.

I picked “Big Dark Blue,” a name I gave the coat of my choice because of its great warmth and embrace of my body frame. No other coat had fitted me so well. I felt as though I had a great friend that cared about my warmth and comfort.

Big Dark Blue: A Name Meant for Minnesota Winters

I still have the “Big Dark Blue” and it is always ready for the Minnesota cold. Whenever I go to Mall of America, I don’t leave until I have visited Eddie Bauer and its selection of sophisticated clothing and accessories.

Eddie Bauer isn’t an expensive store, but it isn’t cheap either. My coat was under the price of $300 with a personal store card. All EB’s clothing lasts for a long time and will give you a look of sophistication everywhere you go.

At the Mall of America, shopping at Eddie Bauer is always fun and entertaining



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