Your Celtic Engagement Ring Can Be Personalized

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Although Celtic engagement rings are unique, you still can customize them using your own personal touches. According to Irish tradition, the Irish have a knack for beautifully symbolizing the real meaning of marriage via wedding rings. For example, an antique wedding ring, with telltale woven patterns, is the perfect symbol for joining together two lives.

Customizing Your Celtic Engagement Rings

Things You’ll Need

  • Precious Metals
  • Choice of Widths
  • Choice of Gems

If you desire to customize your Celtic Engagement ring, the first thing you do is choose a precious metal such as gold, silver or platinum. One of these metals will hold the pattern in addition to any gemstone.

Jewelers will provide direction as to the best material that suits the stones you desire in the engagement ring. According to most jewelers, platinum is a popular choice for setting a great looking diamond.  The unique thing about platinum is that it resisted discoloration or yellowing of the stone as would other metals, such as gold.

Celtic Pattern

The choosing precious metal is molded into the customary woven Celtic pattern. Now the new couple can even transform their antique ring to suit their preference.  For example, it can be resized without losing its patterns and can include a personal gemstone or more.

A new couple may choose the desired widths too. For instance, you will most likely desire a wider band than a one-half carat diamond would hold, especially if you have a one-carat diamond and desire to display the intertwined pattern instead of hiding it by the stone.

Other design options include adding gems to a Celtic style ring. You can include one Centre stone or spread small stones throughout the crosses on the weaving. If you want a solitaire placed in the stone, you can. You can also include a plain Celtic band or one with multiple coordinating stones. The design possibilities are vast.

The Celtic Ring and the Ceremony: An Occasion to Remember forever

The main reason a couple might choose a Celtic ring is to have an opportunity to give a brief message during invitations. For example, the meaning of the woven or intertwined pattern is symbolic of the union of two lives transformed into one into a never-ending circle. You can only enhance the significance of the message to carefully choosing music.

The combination of a Celtic engagement ring and Irish music will make any reception or ceremony highly specialized. The event will become an everlasting memory in the minds of the new couple as well as the entire guest party.


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