Why We Are Intrigued with High Priced Diamonds?

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When I think of high price diamonds the immediate thing that comes to mind is prestige, sophistication and wealth. High price diamonds create such imagination. Women and girls are in paradise when surrounded by such jewels.

An indication of an expensive marriage will depend on the price and quality of the diamond ring the bride receives from the groom. On a more humorous note, a man who purchases his bride a wedding ring laden with diamonds is probably trying hard to impress her parents that she is in good hands.  Who would question such an intelligent gesture?

What makes us purchase high price diamonds? Why just settle for low end diamonds or 1 or 2 caret imitations of the real thing. The Answer is simple: High Price Diamonds magical transforms the possessor of such expensive jewels, resulting in magnetism, prestige, and power.


High price diamonds indicates prestige.  You get the attention and love wherever you go. People want to be like you, and yes, they want what you have. You are highly favored by those who adore your worth because you own high price diamonds.  One diamond oriented song I remember is “Jenny on the Block,” by Jennifer Lopez,” Don’t be afraid of the rocks that I got, I am still Jenny on the block.”

diamond ring

However, we all know that diamonds have a way of transforming people in mind and heart as well as attitude.


Whoever owns high price diamonds has the power to win the favor of others. You are empowered. You will fill the power of confidence and poise running through your veins. Diamonds are not just objects; diamonds possess the power to transform you and to persuade people to listen to what you got to say about anything.


One reason we like to observe iconic stars walking on the red carpet, (especially female celebrities) is that the diamonds they possess is of the highest quality. Such jewels bring out the glittering charm and beauty of the person who wears them. High price diamonds helps enhance their fashion and keeps our eyes glued on them. These celebrities become the talk of the country the next day when the Oscars or Grammys or over.

High price diamonds make the world go round. They help create the aesthetics of life. When we look at pure, expensive diamonds, we appreciate God’s creation.  Without diamonds in the world, a good part of beauty would be gone.

Where to Find High Price Diamonds


Tiffany & Co.

An icon in the diamond business for years, Tiffany & Company is famous for its little blue gift box representing high end diamonds. The diamond’s company’s strategy has always been to target the wealthy when it comes to selling diamonds, and it has been highly successful, even during the country’s most difficult economic times.

Bulgari S.p.A

One of Tiffany & Co. chief rivals, Bulgari S.p.A embraces superior diamond quality and is highly focused on extraordinary customer service.

Blue Nile, Inc.

The world’s most dominant online seller of fine diamonds and jewelry, Blue Nile, Inc. offers a variety of luxury diamonds, offering engagement rings, settings, loose diamonds as well as silver, gold and platinum jewelry items.

Other high price diamond sellers include Cartier and Shane Co. Cartier focuses on the sophistication of cut, bringing out the diamonds radiant beauty. Shane Co., a family owned Fourth generation diamond business. Shane Co. goal is to continue to serve people with the highest quality of find diamonds.

All the above diamonds promises superior quality, durability, and serviceability when it comes to maintaining the superiority of their high price diamond jewelry.


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