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Although it is believed that men are very strategic shoppers and they always know what they want, unlike women and hence they don’t need e-commerce websites as they can simply go to that retailer website and buy that piece of ‘wrinkle-free white shirt’! But the times are changing and men have started respecting the style and looking for ideal suits, shirts, and shoes. There are many multi-brand platforms which can actually help in finding the best piece of fashion and here is an insight on 5 best e-commerce stores.

Farfetch: As the name suggests, they really have gone far to fetch the best styles at just a click away. With a wide range of shirts, jackets, shoes, wallets and other auxiliaries, this website is like the perfect spot to find classic, sporty, casual and elegant clothes for all types of occasions. It not only has clothing section of various brands but also from boutiques of various designers. Founded in 2007, this online fashion retailer website has everything that you seek to have in your wardrobe. It currently ships to around 180 countries and is available on desktop and app version.

Asos: A heartthrob in the fashion industry, Asos is the website which has its in-house line of apparels and accessories along with a database of more than 800 fashion brands. So no matter what you are looking for, they have everything from your formal clothes to swimwear. Its competitive prices and featured collections are always up to date providing best deal always!

Mr. Porter: Created especially for men who are styled for perfection, this website is for men all across the globe who doesn’t mind paying a little extra for good quality and fit. The impressive collection on this website would certainly draw your attention as its interface is unique and exceptional. It certainly has streetwear brands like Nike, Asics, and Reebok but also has an inventory of international classic brands such as Berluti, Club Monaco, and McQueen & Tom Ford etc. Along with the usual spectrum of clothes, shoes, and accessories, it also has grooming products and watches to simply add to your personality.

Need Supply: This website owner actually stepped into this line of men’s fashion through its brick and mortar stores have a franchise of Levis. But it gradually expanded to one of the best websites for men’s fashion offering all kinds of apparels that form a part of men’s lifestyle. They have an exclusive variety of all the known and emerging brands. They have a different section of the discounted range of products and thus you can also look for lucky sizes! You can also connect with designers and see for style inspiration here!

Tailored Man: Made for all those men who are looking for nothing but a perfect fit, Tailored Man provides you more than just average lifestyle portal. It has a wide range of clothes for men’s fashion for casual, formal and travel occasions. With classy patterns and accurate designs, you won’t find even a single piece here which is ruined by designers by sticking buttons, zips, and logos where they are not needed. Refreshing designs at reasonable prices is what you get here!




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