The Brilliance of Tiffany & Co.’s Metro Watch

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The Tiffany Metro Watch is one of the most distinguished watch brands available from Tiffany Men’s Jewelry collection. The watch is defined by elegant and authentic lines and evokes the energy and pace of the city of New York.

Who is the Tiffany Metro for?

Excellent for the modern professionals who desire to display a show of flair, the Tiffany Metro Watch features a brilliant crown diamond with a unique serial number. Combined with Switch watchmaking expertise and Tiffany’s reputation for diamond brilliancy the Tiffany Metro Watch is an eye stopper and impresses people everywhere you go.


A design traced by diamonds, the deal crown of Tiffany Metro Watch is a magnificent mechanism of beauty and style. The feel of this distinctive watch upon your wrist will give you a boost of confidence and control you that you never had until now.

Your reputation for fine jewelry will impress your peers as we as strangers.  You can easily become the focus of any party.

Why Should You Buy from Tiffany?

When it comes to fine jewelry of any kind, Tiffany & Co. sets the standard in the industry. Having been around since 1837, its expertise in diamond mastery and quality is unmatched by any other, even the Blue Nile.


With an attractive customer base, Tiffany was able to thrive even during the great recession of 2008, selling those who had a large appreciation for its remarkable taste in find diamond and jewelry.

Key features:

  • Diamond traced Dial and Crown
  • Integration of Switch superior Watch making and Tiffany’s Reputation for Diamond mastery
  • Elegant and authentic lines
  • Assigned Unique Serial Number


In one watch you have two of the greatest jewelry icons (Tiffany & Switch) combining to create a magnificent masterpiece that will last from generation to generation.

Price Range: $3,999-16,000

Component Quality and Warranty

Tiffany & Co. believes in providing exceptional quality to its customers by using the highest grade components in designing its watch masterpieces.

All of the iconic brand watches carry a warranty of 24 months in case any disruption occurs during the warranty period, including the repair of any defect for free.


The quality of Tiffany Metro Watch should be well-maintained and polished. Tiffany offers customers its Silver care kit consisting of silver polish cream, polish spray, and cloth for $35.00. This small investment is worth the money, considering the worth of your Tiffany Metro Watch. Other cleaning accessories include Tiffany’s polishing mitts in blue fabric, only $15.

In addition to cleaning the watch, customers should consider submitted Tiffany Metro Watches for service every five years to assure that the mechanism will operate smoothly for years to come. Depending on the watch, the usage time, and other uncontrolled factors, some watches should be serviced sooner.

A Wonderful Investment

The Tiffany Metro Watch is one of a kind. Its brilliance and sophistication, when worn around the wrist of its owner, is outstanding. With its diamond lanced dial and crown, this iconic watch will forever be the envy of the celebration.


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