Important Considerations Before Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

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Buying a Dimond engagement ring-You are making one of the most important investments of a lifetime when purchasing a diamond ring. Since this event is highly rated, you need to make sure the process is flawless. Using the wisdom of the wise and asking the right questions are the keys to making a costly mistake.


Choose the right size. This is crucial in order to avoid the embarrassment of returning it. Make sure you know her size even before you step inside the Jewelry retailer. Long before you get her a diamond engagement ring, asked for the size of her finger or have her get it measured. Once you know this, you should have no problem choosing the right size.



Her Style

If you are not sure whether or not she’ll like the ring, attempt to ask one of her friends who might know her style and taste. This will save you from doubt and guessing. A trusted girlfriend will know immediately if a ring you are thinking about choosing is a bust or a surefire winner.

I Wonder which Metal

Choose the right metal. Does she like gold, silver or platinum? A diamond rock-seated in either of them will have a different look and feel. The important thing is to get what pleases her. This will be the way to think for the rest of your life. If you get her silver, but she likes gold, you have erred in making her feel that you have really been paying attention to her style and tastes.

Will She Like this Setting?

Select the appropriate setting. The prongs on the setting can be pointed, flat or V-shaped. But once again if you know her taste, this should be a problem. For instance, in the past, whenever she walked into a jewelry store with you, did you notice which ring setting she give the most attention too? Was the setting pointed, flat or V-shaped? If you were a good observer, you should know this.


Consider the diamond’s cut. The shape, which includes the way the diamond interacts with the light, is also important. The shape can be round, princess, emerald or pearl. A diamond expert can evaluate how effectively light reflects from the diamond. However, the expert should have graduated from an accredited diplomacy program.


Consider the diamond’s clarity. A great diamond is the hallmark of purity. If there are defects in the diamond, the jeweler must determine how influential these defects are. He or she may look at the size, nature or position of these defects in order to assess the degree of purity. It is the overall appearance of the diamond that counts.



Consider the diamond’s color o lack of color. The less color a diamond has the more value it has. Jewelers rate the color according to a  system, starting from Z-D. D means completely colorless. To determine the degree of color in a diamond, it is compared under controlled lighting to a master diamond. The less color the more expensive the diamond will be.

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Consider the diamond’s carat or weight. One carat diamond weighs 200 milligrams. The more a diamond weighs the more money you’ll probably have to invest in it. However, cut clarity and color also plays a significant difference in the final price.

Certificate of Appraisal Please

Obtain a certificate of appraisal. Knowledge of the diamonds monetary worth is important as the quality of the diamond and market condition will change over time. A certificate of appraisal is crucial, especially if the diamond ring is lost or stolen. Such a lifetime investment needs to be secured in case of misfortune.

Yes I Want to Sign a Warranty

Sign a warranty on the ring. If it is damaged or flawed in any way, you will be able to return it or replace it all together. Never assume anything will go wrong. It often does when you least expect it. The security of being able to return it will keep the bride as well as make you feel surer of the quality of your purchase.

Never think it is unnecessary to put this much thought and reasoning in purchasing a wedding ring. You should get your bride a ring that she will remember receiving. These tips will help you make her response one of the sweetest moment your life.


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