Omega Seamaster: An Intriguing Sports and Superior Under Water Watch

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Known for superior performance, design, and quality, Swiss watches are highly regarded in the world of fashion. The innovativeness of Swiss craftsmen is shown in a number of great achievements, including the invention of the first wristwatch, the first quartz watch, and the first water-resistant watch. The Swiss watchmaker Omega is credited with the revolutionary introduction of the Co-Axial technology, a technology responsible for the contemporary mechanical watch. Omega is considered one of the best brands of a Swiss watch.

The Omega Men’s 2901.50.81 Sea master Planet Ocean Automatic Chronometer Black Swap is designed for people of distinction, people who love the adventure of the outdoors and who love the water sports. The Swiss Seamaster is one of the most durable and reliable watches on the planet, especially when it comes to water sports.


This spectacular Swish watch contains a number of great features, including quality Swiss automatic movement, self-winding, non-battery operation, a scratch-resistant, domed sapphire crystal, stainless steel case, date functions, black dial, case diameter: 42mm and water-resistant to a depth of 2000 feet. Although the Omega Men’s Seamaster isn’t crafted in 18 karats yellow gold like some Omega brands, the luminous white hands, and markers, and the silver engraved second markers and Arabic numerals, help create an elegant appearance.

Swish Automatic Movement

The Omega Men’s Seamaster Swish watch works in perfect alignment with the human body, regardless of the activity an individual may be performing. Just moving the wrist will results in the rotor freely pivoting on its staff in the middle of the movement. The rotor, which rotates back and forth with the slightest wrist activity, is actually a metal weight attached to a winding mechanism. The movement of the rotor winds up the mainspring, resulting in the smooth operation of the watch.


No need to waste time worrying about whether or not the Omega Men’s Seamaster is going to still work should you forget to wind it up. This unique watch has an automatic rewinding system that detects when its time to rewind. Swiss designers made sure that you wouldn’t have to waste time rewinding the watch when you could be focusing on other important matters.

Non-battery Operation

Imagine the money an individual can save on the cost of batteries. Watch owners can spend hundreds of dollars buying watch batteries in the course of a year. The Omega 2901.50 Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Chronometer Black Swap is a godsend when it comes to saving money. This unique watch just keeps on ticking. Never again will an individual have to worry about whether or not the watch has stopped on him.

Scratch Resistance

Nothing is more disappointing than an elegant looking watch with scratches all over it. The Omega Swiss Seamaster can be dropped, repeatedly robbed against a door or table and still look as good as new. Many times with our busy schedules we are unable to avoid knocking the watch up against objects such as desks, doors, railings, windows and other hard surfaces.


Water Resistance

Need to go for a quick swim or hang out and get wet underneath a waterfall? No Problem! The Omega Sea master allows you to participate in as many water sports as possible and not have to worry about ruining your watch. In fact, the watch is designed to allow a water sports enthusiast to scuba dive up to a depth of 2000 feet of water, after which the Omega Seamaster will still be performing excellently.

Such features make the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean stand out as one of the most sophisticated watches for adventurous and stylish watch lovers.

Air of Sophistication

The distinctiveness of the Omega Men’s 2901.50.81 Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Chronometer Black Strap watch represents one of the best timepieces in the world. Those who possess the Omega Men’s Seamaster watch display a certain prestige or level of living that enables them to demonstrate a sense of confidence and economic security. Watch enthusiasts can be proud of this outstanding mechanism due to the many features and benefits it offers.

Bottom Line

Although several other Omega brands exist, the Omega Men’s’ 2901 Seamaster Planet Ocean Automatic Chronometer Black Strap Watch is the top of the Omega line. Its features include non-battery operating capabilities and water resistance. The luxury timepiece is appropriate for sporting events, business, and dress occasions. Although expensive at $3,400, the watch offers sophistication and glamour.

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