Jaaxy Platform: A Superior Keyword Tool and Exact Match Domain Finder

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The jaaxy platform is a keyword research tool that is second to none. Its purpose is to give the entrepreneur or blogger an accurate analysis of chosen keyword and their possible SEO ranking on Google. If you choose the right keywords, your content will most likely appear on the first page of google.

Before encountering the Jaaxy Platform, the idea of keyword research was too complicated. Other keyword tools turned me off.  The stages required to find the exact ranking of a word left me frustrated and uncertain of the SEO idea.

Just a few minutes experimenting with Jaaxy, I was convinced that I could really master the knowledge of SEO via Keywords.

You will not be disappointed either, especially if you desire to rank high in the google search engine

User-Friendly Keyword Technology

In this article, I will further introduce the Jaaxy platform and will explain how to perform a keyword search on the most sophisticated but user-friendly keyword search platform in the market. If you are a novice when it comes to keyword ideology, the platform is right for you.

Researching keywords via the Jaaxy platform will be a fun and exciting process that any non-technical person can perform.

Fact: Finding words that rank high in Google is a must if you want people to discover your website and engage in what you desire to offer them.

Search For Keywords

Find Keywords Here

Just searched:  why should you follow content marketing, how much calories does doing housework burn

The Jaaxy research platform isn’t complex in an appearance at all. The interface is very simple to grasp and operate for anyone who has encountered difficulty with other keyword platforms.

Some Main Attributes of the Jaaxy Platform

The interface consists of five key features or indicates that a novice needs to understand:

Avg: number of monthly searches

Traffic: number of monthly visits to website ranking #1

QRS: number of competing for websites

KQI: quality indicators

  • Green=great for SEO
  • Yellow=Ok for SEO
  • Red=Poor for SEO

Domains: Available/Unavailable

SEO: site rank score indicator; the higher the score the better the ranking for a keyword

Other features of the product include domain searches, a brainstorming tool, training video and much more when you invest in the full platform.

A High-Quality Keyword Platform that Does the Job

To get started just type the keyword theme related to your content and see how high it ranks on google. Remember, when you the SEO score is high, preferably above 100, the better a keyword is most likely to rank high on google, even the first page.

When the SEO score is high enough, the KQI will show green and then you are ready to go and rank above most of the competition.

The fact is that when it comes to determining which keywords will rank high on google, the Jaaxy Platform is the technology to have.

Making the Price Right for You

Jaaxy offers three options for people who can’t wait to own it.

Option 1: Jaaxy Free, totally free and comes with a trial period, over which you will be given the opportunity to search 30 keywords.  You can upgrade at any time.

Option 2: The Jaaxy Pro version, $19, which includes many impressive features

Option 3: The Jaaxy Enterprise, $49, offers the full range of features mentioned above plus much more. You just cannot lose with so many effective tools.

The Jaaxy keyword Platform is not a complicated piece of technology that drives a user crazy when it comes time to look up keywords. If you are serious about operating a profitable online business, Jaaxy is the technology that you should choose above all others. You will not be disappointed. A keyword search will become an easy, routine practice.

Get it now!  A very worthy Investment!





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