Famous Dave’s Feast for Two: A Mouth-Watering Food Platter for Hunger Barbecue Lovers

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Are you and your partner tired of the same old burgers and fries? Is your hunger reaching for something deliciously burnt, meaty and zesty? Would you and your partner want a feast consisting of the most popular and best southern-style barbecue in America? Then the Famous Dave’s Feast for Two is a great choice to satisfy your hunger.

As I walked toward the door of the Famous barbecue joint, I can smell the aroma of grilled meat and delicious smelling sauce.  I can’t wait to sink my teeth in one of those Saint Louis Style Ribs and roasted chicken halves.

The Feast for two is for the avid barbecue lover who loves the taste of thick and meaty barbecue ribs and other mouthwatering grilled food. The taste of good barbecue can satisfy our appetites not only on the Fourth of July, but any time we have a taste for it. For the avid barbecue lover, the time for ribs and chicken is always right.

The Barbecue Feast for Two

The Famous Dave’s feast for two consists of 6 rib bones,  a chicken half, slices of delicious briskets, two sides of your choice ( Macaroni & Cheese, Baked beans, Cole slaw), and two cornbread muffins.  I can taste the succulent barbecue the minute I set eyes on the round platter filled with the aroma of delicious food inside.

Food for Days: No Need to Cook Dinner

Famous Dave’s feast for two is a hell of a lot of food. You can eat some and save the rest for another day, enabling you to escape cooking dinner in the hot kitchen.  Thereby saving time and resting from a hard day’s work.

Why I Love Dinning inside Famous Dave’s?

Famous Dave is my choice for a barbecue at least once a month. You can either order to go or sit and dine in the popular restaurant.  The staff is always friendly and goes out of their way to answer your questions and introduce their specials for the day.

Inside the restaurant is a bar, and multiple Cable TVs’, playing sports games of all types, especially on the weekend?

The Famous Dave Feast for two is just the tip of the delicious ice bird when it comes to good tasting food choices.  Famous Dave’s Burgers, Loaded potatoes, banana pudding, and thick malts await your taste buds whenever you visit.

The quality of Famous Dave’s barbecue is second to none.  Visit a restaurant in your area. The taste of barbecue couldn’t get any better.




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