Alicia Keys: Songs that Empower

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Alicia Keys is an American song artist, writer, and producer. She was born in New York, Hell’s kitchen, to an African American father and an Italian mother.

Alicia’s work sheds light on her positive influence upon the human condition when it comes to motivating women and girls.
Alicia keys music combines gospel, vintage R&B, unique drumbeats, and classic piano into a captivating sound that has changed the lives of tens of thousands, especially women and girls. Alicia sings about love, heartbreak, women empowerment, and social prestige.

Alicia Keys


Her debut album, Keys in A Minor, hit number one on billboard 200. From there she has gone on to be one of the most unique singers, songwriters of our time. Her music, a mixer of the gospel, old school R&B and classical piano, reaches into the heart of the masses of women. Her music is designed to create a sense of love, intimacy, confidence, high self-esteem and determination in women to be all they can be. Her recent album “Girl on Fire” represents her intentions to empower the consciousness of the female.


In a time, when women often experience the effects of overwhelming stress in raising children alone, financial hardship due to unfair workplace discrimination and lack of appreciation by their spouses, Alicia keys music is indeed a source of strength and empowerment for reinventing their lives.

The life transformative albums by Alicia Keys include:
Songs in A Minor
The Diary of Alicia Keys Unplugged
The Elements of Freedom
Girl on Fire
Individual Songs includes:

Girl on fire
Do not mean anything
Try sleeping with a broken heart
Empire State of Mind

The power of a song artist, such as Alicia Keys, can do great things in influencing a targeting group in society (in the case women). More artists must reinvent their music to positively affect social change. The minds of millions of young people are at the mercy of their lyrics. Spreading negative music vibes in society, only destroys social consciousness and causes the young to only think about themselves.


Up and coming artist have a responsibility to go only for money and fame or go for a meaningful change in creating music which transforms the heart and mind. In order to do this, a song artist must be dedicated to unity, love, and community among people.
Singing for a good cause instills an artist in the minds of thousands for generations to come, while negative music is soon forgotten along with those who produced it. The times are calling for resolutions of positivity all over the world.

Artist such as Alicia keys may not achieve the fame of a Taylor Swift or a Beyoncé due to their emphasis in changing some aspect of social consciousness, but their memories along with their music will last for generations to come. They will be known as icons of love.


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