The Reality of An African Safari Experience

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Taking a trip to Africa to hang out at a Safari is a life-transformative experience the likes of which you could have never imagined. Such an exotic experience will provide for you and your family and friends a lifetime of precious memories.

The sustainability of many African countries depends heavily on the tourist industry. According to studies, over 12 million people are employed as a result of tourism.  In US dollars, the industry rakes in around 36 billion annually or more.

Most tourists, who regularly visit the African continent, come from America, France, UK, Portugal, and Germany. However, the continent is a magnet for adventurous tourist all over the world.

What Type of People Go on African Safari Trips?

Whether you are a business person on a mission, going to visit friends and family or just hungering for an adventurous trip to one of the most beautiful and intriguing continents in the world, deciding to visit one of Africa’s prestigious resorts will result in a life-changing experience.

Key Safari Destinations in Africa:

  • Tanzania Safari
  • Kenya Safari
  • Botswanan Safari
  • South Africa Safari
  • Zambia Safari
  • Namibian Safari

Any of these African Safaris will give you a close-up opportunity to view, and in some cases, interact with wildlife or you can lie back at the resort around the pool and enjoy the beautiful blue skies.

Depending on the resort you choose, your tour guide will take you to see a variety of exotic animals, including big game animals. Some of the most common and visible animals during the daylight hours include:

  • Cheetahs
  • Rhinos
  • Antelopes
  • Mountain Zebras
  • Elephant s
  • African Lions
  • Hyenas
  • Leopards
  • Baboons
  • Ostriches
  • Giraffes
  • Gorillas
  • Exotic Birds

If you are a photographer, You can take close-up shots of these animals while on guided tours through the intriguing grasslands and trails of the land surrounding the resorts.

The Hot Spots for viewing these Amazing Animals and other things

Tanzania’s Serengeti resort

If you desire to see one of the most spectacular animal events on earth, the great Wildebeest migration is highly recommended.  Millions of these animals migrate between the countries of Kenya and Tanzania.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Behold and take pictures of Africa’s most majestic and tallest mountain: Kilimanjaro

Ngorongoro Crater resort:

The Ngorongoro Crater resort is known for the Big 5:  the African lion, African Elephant, black/white rhinoceros, African leopard, and the Cape buffalo

African Safari

Meet the Highly Appreciative Villages

An African safari experience isn’t all animal viewing and relaxing in the heavenly moment, you get to interact with eager and friendly local villagers, enjoy their local colors, partake of their entertainments, and participate in their daily rituals and routines.  The love of tourist will make you a highly welcomed deity by the villagers.

The Cost of an African Safari Experience, and other options

An African Safari experience is no drop in the bucket when it comes to cost.  Trips can cost as much as $9000 dollar or more per person depending on the particular Safari destination.  East, Central, and southern parts of the continent are the most traveled to.

However, if you are willing to do extensive research, lower your standards, there are package plans you can get for as low as $600 per person.  Traveling out of season and being willing to settle for lesser-known resorts is another option for affordable safari trips.

Choosing a lesser known or new entrance level resort doesn’t mean that you want to enjoy the breathtaking the beauty of the continent?  However, you will not have all the amenities offered to those who choose the top of line resort.

The price tag of the most popular and envied resorts including the full range of amenities,  including top luxuries, pools,  all meals, drinks and wine, music and much more.  Nevertheless, if you just want to go on an unforgettable trip and create a lifetime of magnificent memories, a lesser known resort is the way to go and save money.

What to Watch Out for?

On any vacation, caution is highly recommended at all time. On an African Safari vacation, even though you encounter breathtaking scenery and animals, the environment can become dangerous if you don’t follow all safety precaution established by the vacation authorities.

African Safari

The most important rule to follow is to stay with the group at all times. Never wonder far off alone. Too many dangers exist, from wild animals to poisonous venom lying in wait for unsuspecting victims.   Horror stories have occurred to those who have ignored the rules of the authorities managing the tourist experience.

Things that could happen to You if you ignore established laws.

  • You can get eaten by a lion or trampled by an elephant
  • You can get beaten by a venomous snake or scorpion.
  • You can get kidnapped and held for ransom
  • You can get captured by rebels in warring countries
  • You can get lost and spend a terrifying night in the jungle

Your Ultimate Goal is to Enjoy Your Safari Experience

The goal of your Safari experience is to enjoy yourself and create lots of great memories, perhaps once in a lifetime memories.  Now go ahead and fill your camera key card with lots of breathtaking photos of beautiful animals, people, and landscapes.






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