Podcasting for Business Advantage – 5 Best Tips Every Audio Broadcaster Needs to Know

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To say podcasting is a hot content marketing trend would be an understatement. Everyone from social media marketers to angel investors and venture capitalists has launched their own podcasts. While the outreach of a successful podcast can be substantial, it is not an endeavor you should jump into without forethought. If you are a brand builder contemplating creating a podcast for your company, following are five factors you should plan for in advance:

Goal Setting

When creating a podcast for your business, it is imperative you understand your long-term podcasting goals. Are you attempting to reach a new audience with audio content? Is your podcasting agenda meant to coordinate or expand upon existing blog posts? Without knowing why you are creating a podcast, you can’t possibly measure results or determine the ROI for your endeavor.

Audience Research

Once you know why you are podcasting, you need to understand who you will be podcasting too. Who is your target audience and how will you connect with them? What will your target audience expect of you as a podcaster and how will you deliver results they can relate to? Audience research is an absolutely critical component of creating a successful podcast. Far too many individuals jump into podcasting because it is trendy without having a clear understanding of audience development, engagement, and retention.

Competitor Research

Just as you investigate your audience, so too should you investigate your competitors. Understand who competitors are in your market and the types of content they are currently delivering to your target audience. Knowing how to outshine your competition is crucial if you hope to build a loyal following for your podcast. If you are delivering generic content similar to content already available, chances of growing your subscriber base are slim to none. You can offer a different podcast format i.e. one-on-one interviews/call-in broadcast or you can differentiate yourself by the quality of your guests; regardless of what you do, it is essential you stand out from your competitors.

Quality Counts

From the microphones you use to the way your podcast is edited, top-level quality can make or break your show. Listeners will not tune in a second time or subscribe to your show if your sound is tinny or background noise is evident. If you don’t have the expertise to properly edit your podcast and cut out fluff content, hire an experienced audio engineer. You only get one chance to impress a listener; don’t doom your podcast to failure by not paying attention to sound quality.


Just like written or visual content, audio content needs a distribution plan. Decide whether you will distribute your show via iTunes, SoundCloud, etc. and how you will market your podcast to attract new listeners. From social media posts to PPC ads, you need to have a plan in place to build an audience.

Creating a business podcast can set you apart from others in your sector, but success is not guaranteed. Understanding the above-listed factors can assist you in your plan to build an engaging audio broadcast. Is this the year you dive into podcasting for your company?


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