What Every Woman Ought To Know About Wedding Dress Details

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Your wedding is a unique opportunity to show your personal style, and you want your gown to be perfect and unique. If you want to make a big splash with a dress your guests will remember, choose a stunning wedding dress with stunning style or show-stopping details.


Here are 16 wedding dress details to inspire you to find your personal perfection.


Choose an unexpected headpiece.


It’s not a bridal rule that you have to wear a veil. Some brides choose a simple barrette or nothing at all, but you can also make a

dramatic statement with something bold and unexpected. Wedding dress details  can transform your appearance from common to extraordinary.

wedding dress details


There are many different choices when it comes to a headpiece. You can go with a regal tiara or a sparkling net of jewels. You can also wear a pillbox hat or even a three dimensional, fabric rose. A floppy white hat with a tulle ribbon might be perfect for a garden wedding while a rhinestone headband would shine brightly in a cathedral.


Add some lacy straps.


Strapless gowns were once the only option when it came to bridal fashion, but straps are more popular than they’ve been in years.


Turn up the romance on your gown by adding beautiful lacy straps or let some satin flow over your shoulders in an elegant cascade.


Wear a colorful sash.


A sash is the perfect detail to bring color and fun to your wedding gown. Wear a sash or a belt the same color as your bridesmaids’ dresses to tie the whole event together, or wear a sash of a different color to make yourself stand out.

wedding dress details

For a more dramatic effect, wear a long sash tied in the back with tails that flow down your skirt.


Wrap your shoulders.


You can’t beat a beautiful wrap when it comes to comfort and style. Cover your shoulders with something pretty like a faux fur bolero or a light wrap that looks like spun sugar.


Capes are also popular shoulder coverings, especially for brides getting married in chilly weather. Some fashion forward brides are even choosing a

backwards cape that covers the chest and connects in the back.

wedding dress details

Bedazzle your arms.


Sleeves don’t have to be made of fabric. Strands of sparkling beads cascading down your arms make a sophisticated statement.

Show off in something short.


A short gown is no longer the taboo it once was, but it’s still unusual enough to surprise and delight guests.


Consider a shorter gown if you are having a more casual ceremony or you want to express your fun personality. You can wear anything from tea length to a mini.


Don’t forget to find some adorable shoes.


Stun with sequins.


Some brides just can’t get enough sparkle. If you want to wow your guests with shimmer and shine, add sequins to your gown. Place a few on a long skirt as a glimmering detail or cover your entire bodice with them. It’s your day in the spotlight, so don’t hold back.


Raise your collar.


A high collared neckline is a style for queens and other royalty. This look gives instant elegance to a wedding gown and turns you into something special.

wedding dress details

You can pair a high collar with a conservative neckline, covering yourself all the way up, or let the collar become part of the structure for a deep v-neck.


Highlight your hands.


Beautiful, long gloves have just started to make a return appearance in bridal apparel, and the result is phenomenal.


Wrap your hands in classic, white silk gloves or pick a light, lacy fabric. You can also go Victorian with a row of gorgeous buttons going all the way up to your elbows.

Draw the eye with embroidery.


Embroidered details on a wedding gown create a warm and lovely personalized look. Embroidered designs are amazing on a skirt or bodice. Use white on white for a subtle design, or go bold with a playful color. Choose gold embroidery for drama.

wedding dress details

Add 3D details.


Open your gown up to another dimension by adding a large, 3D detail. This can be anything from big, fabric roses on your skirt to a bow that looks like a butterfly on your hip.


Let some color show.


A hint of color makes a gown fun and unique. Adding color underneath your skirt is an excellent way of getting this look.


You can bring color in a variety of ways. Line your skirt in a dark color like red. Guests will see the dramatic color as you walk down the aisle. If you’re looking for something fun, try pink tulle or crinoline under your skirt.


You can also top a colored lining with a sheer fabric so the color can be seen in a subtle way.


Lace up your corset.


Some wedding gowns feature a corset top. Brides love this look because it can make waists look tiny.

If you’re wearing a corset style dress, consider using colorful ribbons to lace it up in back.

wedding dress details

Fluff your skirt.


You can create huge drama with a huge skirt on your wedding gown.


Take a typical ballroom gown and then add layers of tulle or ruffles to create the illusion that you’re floating on air.

If you want a more structured skirt, multiple pick-ups bring a lot of dramatic elegance.


Decorate in back.


Backless dresses are a popular choice for the bride who wants to be a little sexy. Make your backless dress shine by adding hanging beads or strands of pearls.


Put some puff in your sleeves.


Puffed sleeves are back, but they are structured now. Use Victorian style as inspiration, and choose a gown with large, fabric puffs that come to an end in tight fabric on your arm.


You can be your own version of the perfect bride on your wedding day when you choose a dress that speaks to your personal style. Don’t be afraid to choose a dress with a unique element or to add a detail that you love. Choose or create a gown that your guests will remember and that you will adore.



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