Super Sleek Hair Style? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

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A gorgeous look can be more satisfying than a day of sunshine and fun, especially for a woman who loves the feel and look of a great head of hair.  If you desire a super sleek hairstyle for a special occasion, such as a job interview, an anniversary or a friend’s birthday celebration, there are several hair styling resources available for giving you the image you dream of.

Necessary Tools

  • Quality Shampoo
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Modern Hair Dryer
  • Quality Serum
  • Top Hair Straightener

Quality Shampoo

First, use a top quality salon shampoo that is in agreement with our hair type. For example, if your hair is colored, make sure the ingredients in the shampoo are suitable for your hair. If you are in doubt about the type of shampoo that is right for you, take to your hair stylist.  Whether your hair is brunette, blonde, thin or greasy, a good hair stylist will advise you as far as choosing the right shampoo.

Grabbing any old shampoo off the store shelf can result in frustration and cause you to give up on your dream of developing a reputation for a super sleek hairstyle.

Good Hair Conditioner

After you shampoo your hair, deep condition your hair. The ingredients in a good conditioner will add light, shine, and body. I cannot overstate the importance of using a conditioner. Just like you avoid the static that causes your clothing to be scratchy and uncomfortable by using fabric conditioner, you should also use a quality hair conditioner to keep your hair free of static.

In addition, before rinsing your hair, make sure you condition your hair by messaging it from the root to tip, allowing the conditioner to perform its magic, resulting in a healthy and shining appearance.

Modern Hair Dryers

Use a modern hair dryer to dry your hair well. Today’s hair dryers are safer than older hair dryers, the ones that used to do more harm than good to your hair. Nevertheless, avoid overheating your hair by keeping the dryer moving over your hair evenly.  Setting the dryer on a cooler setting will also help avoid hair damage.

Quality Serum

Use a quality serum.  There are many such great products to choose from when it comes to serum, a resource designed to smooth your hair and keep it looking great.

Your hair stylist or a salon will be able to recommend a good such as Frizz-ease or Grape Seed Glossing serum. Others serums include:

  • Organix Vanilla Silk Serum
  • Joica k- pak Protect and Shine Serum
  • Global Keratin Hair Taming System Serum

A quality serum will provide several advantages:

  • It relaxes your hair
  • It gives your hair a superior quality of smoothness
  • It prevents static electricity that frizzes up your hair

Select a serum you feel comfortable using. Just make sure that it is quality. Read as many customer reviews as possible before making your choice.

Top Notch Hair Straightener

Some people use cheap hair straighteners but often they often find that the cheaper the hair straightener the less they are satisfied with the look of their hair.  Cheap hair straighteners don’t get hot enough to iron out kinks with a single stroke or the tool isn’t slippery enough to allow the hair to pass smoothing through it.

Choose an adjustable hair straightener with ceramic or glass heating plates. GHD straighteners are some of the most popular brands used in beauty parlors and distinguished salons around the world.

What separates the GHD brand is that its smooth plates get hot quickly and allow easy hair styling. Such plates also help discharge static electricity, causing your hair to remain straight for much longer. The GHD brand is simply the choice for the most famous salons in the nation and beyond.

Extra Powerful Advice

Developing a reputation for a super sleek hairstyle can’t happen in a vacuum. To really feel good about your hair and yourself, you must eat right as well. A diet with a balance of vitamins and minerals will go a long way in making you look good.  Protein is the foundation for growing really great looking hair. So make sure your diet includes plenty of it.

Also, drink plenty of water both day and night. Water cleanses your body of impurities, keeping your whole appearance looking youthful and healthy.



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