An Insiders Experience in Shopping at Target Stores

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Shopping at Target is a wonderful experience. The locally popular retail store has been one of my favorite pass time’s get-a-way for years. A place in the United States without the red Target nearby is a sad commentary. Shopping at Target is just plain fun.

To get the most fun out of shopping at Target, you need to get the Red card and take advantages of all the exclusive benefits offered to members, including those special sells. Of course, you can save money on common deals and clearances, but not like you can if you own the Red Card.

The Red Card is the big difference maker for those who desire to capture the exceptional deals and pop-up sells.

You Get What You’re Looking For!

Whether you are looking for a bathroom towel, a backyard patio set, or a large barbecue grill ready to take on the neighborhood, your local target store has it.  How reliable is that? That why I like shopping at Target. Some of these items may not be available at the local Walmart.

When I am visiting Target my favorite section is electronics, although I walk down every Isle when I feel like being amazed by the bright red colors and the neatness of the product filled shelves reaching out at you to buy something.

Don’t forget the clothing section. I buy some of the most well-fitting jeans and pants at Target Store. Some of them I have owned for years, and after hundreds of washes, they are still fitting me the same as when I first purchased them.

Surprise, Oops!

If you don’t like surprises, one aisle you should avoid going down is the aisle full of toys. When you walk by a toy, it just might start speaking to you. Jumpy! Especially at Night!  But don’t stop your kids from entertaining their imaginations with some of the most popular toys on the planet.

If you are hungry, Target becomes a grocery store. Sorry, Cubs Food Store! You can grab a pack of hot dogs or brats from the freezer or you can fill a bag full of potatoes and other vegetables you would like to make that Sunday meal out of. Add chicken and steak and you’re going in a delicious direction.

Save that Money, And Still Look Good!

At Target store, you can save a penny or two or much more. Take out your Red Card!  Both common deals and exclusive deals up to 40%, or more are always occurring on the regular.  Why go to a specialized retail store for electronics or a big-name clothing store when you can get high quality products for a lessor price at Target?

I know. Some of you like popular name brand items, such as Macy’s, and Nordstrom, but if you are feeling the financial crunch, Target is your best bet.  Just compare Target’s items with your most cherished brands and see the price difference and how much you can save to purchase an extra item or two for your living room or kitchen.

Insider Tip

If you shop at Target on a regular base, you will become a popular face among the clerks. This means you will be informed of discounts and deals right away. Yes, you will get the love and attention you would have never gotten without being familiar. You get preferential treatment.  That is what we all want when we walk into our most cherished store.




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