Look Cool, Calm, and Collected in a Macy’s Perry Ellis Men’s Vertical Stripe Sweater

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Are you tired of worn out, turn sweaters that make you feel uninspired and behind the times, then you are in line with many average consumers who, not only desire to feel comfortable and warm during cold days but also want to look stylish?

Throwing on an old wrinkled sweater without regards to your overall appearance may have become the norm in your home. Perhaps You have lost your sense of attractiveness.

Don’t! Never lose your sense of fashion. You don’t have to feel like you are a victim of a dwindling winter wardrobe of sweaters and a fading appreciation for a fashionable appearance.

Men’s Vertical Stripe Sweater

Introducing the Men’s Vertical Stripe Sweater by Macy’s Perry Ellis; you can look cool and sophisticated in this beautiful, colorful, and fashionable winter sweater.

Sweater Details:

  • Mock Neck with hidden hood
  • Front zip closure
  • Cotton/rayon/wool
  • Machine washable

This vertical strip sweater comes in all sizes, including s, m, l, XL, XXL

The Men’ Vertical Stripe Sweater by Macy’s Perry Ellis renew the desire in you to choose to be fashionable once again. You are sure to get compliments and long stares of admiration with this new addition to your wardrobe.


You will pay $98.00 for the Men’s Vertical Strips Sweater by Macy’s Perry Ellis. However, for the warmth and comfort in addition to the attention, you’ll receive, the price is well worth it.  You can purchase this sweater from the Macy’s website.

On holidays and seasonal specials, you may be lucky enough to get this wonderful sweater at the reduced price of $48.00

You’ll feel confident, attractive and in control with your new Men’s Vertical Stripe Sweater.  Your passion for style and fashion will return.


  • Warm and Comfortable
  • Stylish with a touch of sophistication
  • Popular name brand-image


  • Too bad Sweater style is made for warm weather climate only

Final Opinion

Macy’s Perris Ellis Men’s Vertical Stripes Sweater is a winner.  Enjoy it at work, in the park, while taking evening classes in college or while mingling at a friend’s birthday party.






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