How Festive Seasons Attract Millions of Shoppers

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Holiday promotions are designed to attract millions of consumers to your brand during specific seasons of the year. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day are some of the most inspirational holidays for consumer spending.

Big time department stores, including Macy’s, Nordstrom, Kohl’s, J C Penny ’s, Target and Walmart,  make a financial killing off of optimal consumer spending leading up to these special days. They are times of excitement when people get into an appreciative and festive mood. When people are in a good mood, the time for persuasive holiday promotions are ideal.

Successful businesses start early with holiday promotions. Some start 2 or 3 months ahead of the specific holiday. For example, if you walk in any major retail store, you see department store clerks putting holiday merchandise upon shelves way ahead of a particular holiday.


Businesses use a variety of pricing strategies to determine the appropriate price for items. Effective pricing strategies will consider the quality of the product, location, promotional tactics as well as price comparisons to those of the competition to persuade millions of consumers to purchase merchandise ranging from clothing to jewelry.

holiday promotions

Once effective pricing has been determined, sales and discounts are introduced to holiday-minded consumers.

We see this kind of activity literally when Black Friday sales take center stage the day after Thanksgiving leading to the Christmas holiday. Coupons offering as much as 80% off in some cases are used by stores to persuade consumers to choose them rather than the competition. The more attractive the price, the more chances that excited shoppers will come running and busting the door down.

Type of seasonal sales and discounts include:

  • Buy one, get one free
  • Free shipping
  • Half price sales
  • %20, %30, 40%, %50, %60, %70, and %80 off of merchandise
  • Price-break discounts
  • Early Payment discount

Businesses or retail stores will throw a variety of discounts toward consumers to see which one discount is more effective and to provide uniqueness separate from the competition.

10 Holiday Promotional Channels Used to Reach Consumers

Advertising uses a variety of channels for holiday promotions. These include:

  • TV commercials– Consumers are bombarded with a variety of holiday promotions from thousands of businesses
  • Internet digital ads-advertising reach consumers via internet search
  • Company website-consumers can find holiday sales and discounts on company websites
  • Radio broadcast-turn to on the car radio and listen to what being promoted
  • Social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter
  • Mobil channels-consumers can learn about holiday promotions on the go
  • Email holiday promotions-consumers find a variety of attractive holiday deals when they open their email
  • Webinars-advertisers may invite consumers to participate in webinars to discover how a particular holiday product or service work
  • Bill Boards-consumers can see billboard advertising while driving along roads and highways
  • Widow Advertisements –stores use window advertising to do holiday promotions while consumers pass by.
  • News Paper ads-consumer receive news of holiday promotions via Sunday or weekly newspapers

A business or advertiser who uses a combination of these channels for holiday promotions is likely to get millions of consumers to consider their products and services.

Of the 11 channels for promoting holiday products, TV commercials are the most expensive. A few seconds can cause thousands of dollars. In 2016, a national TV ad cost $123,000 for 30 seconds. But the cheapest means of introducing holiday sales is via window advertisements or websites.

Remember that the more of these channels you are able to use to promote your product, the more successful you will be in driving consumers to your brands. Highly successful business uses every promotional trick in the book to win the hearts of consumers.

holiday promotions


Holiday sales, for some retailers, are the most lucrative times of the year. A good percentage of their annual revenue comes from sales from holiday promotions.

The Significance of Holiday Promotions

Holiday promotions are vital to the strength of the economy. The more those consumers spend the great it is for the economy of a city, state or nation.  Holiday promotions give consumers something to be excited about. They can purchase their favorite items and brands for nearly half the price that they would normally pay for it.

In addition, holiday promotions can win the hearts of consumers in the long run. They can fall in love with your brand over the holidays and become a loyal member forever.



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