Thriving In an Atmosphere of Fashion

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To be fashionable in everyday life is to live with the intention of making the world a more beautiful place with you in it. Fashionable individuals have a sway over society and they know how to express it very well.

It doesn’t matter if they are fashion oriented college students fostering a career in fashion and design or an executive of a professional model recruitment company or an everyday citizen who is passionate about image and sophistication; these people know that a sense of beauty makes the world go round.

While in college, I presented myself as the best looking male masterpiece on the planet, especially when it came to standing out from the crowd and sporting new trends. I must have spent a good deal of my leftover grant and loan money on things pertaining to style and fashion.

My Fashionable College Image

My Choices for a Fashionable look in college included:

  • Levi Jeans: relaxed fit
  • Chaps polos & Sweaters
  • Pairs of all-star and Niki snickers
  • Causal shoes: Stacy Adams
  • Leather jacket
  • Bowtie

My intention was to create an image for the ladies to admire when they wanted to take a little attention to their annoying professors and tedious studying.

A sense of Style and Grace

My passion for being fashionable is that I get to display a sense of style and beauty in my circle of influence.  Fashion isn’t just about you and me, fashion has a greater purpose, which is to bring appreciation, significance, and beauty to everyday life.

When people see me and you, who are passionate about creating a beautiful image with clothing and accessories, the hope is that they will become enlightened to see the world as a place full of beautiful minded people.

Creating a Fashionable Atmosphere

Fashion has the power to change an entire atmosphere from lackluster to glamorous. Image an entire neighborhood committed to fashion as a way of beautifying the place.  Can there ever be a neighborhood such as this- a fashionable neighborhood. Of course, the power of fashion has no boundaries.

We can all become citizens of fashion. If workplaces, schools, homes, and communities truly understand the transformative implications of fashion, then sociability will begin to take on new meaning.  People will see each other in a different light.  Instead of seeing ugliness all around us, we will begin to see and feel the sensations of joy and gladness in the atmosphere.

Transformative Power of Fashion

Beauty can transform if we allow it. Fine dressing and grooming create strong confidence and attractiveness wherever it is practiced.

Just take a look at how much we admire our favorite idols. Movies stars and song artist intrigue us with the fashionable looks. Many of us rush out and get wardrobes similar to theirs. We see our favorite actors interacting on the red carpet during the Oscars as well as our favorite musicians during the Grammy Awards. What they wear and the way they wear it speaks volumes.

However, as I mentioned before, fashion has no boundary.  You and I can create an atmosphere of fashion which will touch the people within our circle of influence. The world needs a strong sense of beauty to resurface on a higher level across the world.  You and I can play a significant role today.


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