December 2018


Some people think the artistic life is a waste of time? They believe that art isn’t a true profession and that creative artist is just wasting their lives.  However, the evidence is clear that many artists can and do actually well in terms of financial survival.

What an artist, who desires to make it big, must do is to enhance his talents, skills, and abilities each day without exception.  The competition is too stiff to waste time.  True artists go to bed thinking about their creativity as well as awaken early in the morning with nothing else on their minds but what they desire to express to the world.

Whether or not an artist does well in his or her niche depends on the type of artists and the drive and determination of the artist. For example, a song artist, a musician, a creative writer, or a painter has the potential to earn different degrees of income.

Song Artists

A song artist can be highly successful.  Who is your favorite song artist? Song artists such as Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Blake Shelton, Rhianna, or Justin Timberlake are highly paid and exceptionally famous song artists whose albums continue to sell in the millions.


Many not so popular musicians do quite well playing on Broadway, or popular bands traveling around the country. Many of these musicians haven’t hit the big stage yet, but if they continue to grow, they will eventually get noticed.


As far painters, there are many successful modern art painters whose work is demanded in exhibits, not only across the country but across the world.  Painters can also promote their work in art galleries, art shows, on social media outlets or on their own professional websites.


Reaching the Next Level

The most important goal that all artists need to understand to reach the next level is how to influence the heart and souls of those who would admire their work. For example, every artist who would make a living from his or her work will strive to inspire, empower and educate people.


All art should be inspiring in some way.  Once an audience is exposed to the aesthetic beauty of the images, words or lyrics, that audience should never be the same.  They should feel good about themselves and their outlook on life should be filled with confidence.


Great song artist and painters designed their work or performances to empower others to move forward in some way.  Words and images, if well manipulated, can change minds or motivate people to do things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do.


Art that educates is priceless.  Images which depict special times in history, or songs that mark historical turning points in the nation can educate us and provides visual or audio insights which will enrich our memories forever.

Passion pays Off, Eventually

True artists are passionate about their work and performance. If they don’t make a single Nickle or dime off their creations, they are still thrilled over the creative process itself.  However, the more passionate an artist about his or her work, the more faith they will have that someday their creative, hard work and vision will pay off.

Many artists wait years before they are discovered and hit a certain degree of financial success. However, they were willing to work hard and long without any guaranteed of success.  For example, Tyler Perry and his character Medea didn’t come to any type of success until after 13 years of failure after failure. However, because if his passion and belief in what he had to offer, his day of recognition and reward came.






The elegant Genesis 2019 G80 by Hyundai is a surefire executive sedan consisting of an athletic style, incredible luxury interior, and top of the line automobile technology.  The ultimate goal is to create the unforgettable the Genesis G80 experience.  As an owner of the Genesis, you will look every bit of the executive that everyone should recognize.


  • House power: 311
  • Fuel Consumption: 18/26
  • Engine 38L V6, 5.0 L V8
  • MSRP: $42, 050
  • Premium audio by Lexicon with Clari Fi Tech
  • Smart Cruise Control
  • Forward Collision Avoidance Assist
  • Blind Sport Decision Warning
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Driver Attention Warning System
  • 8L V6 8-Speed automatic with Shiftronic Transition
  • Warranty: 5yr./60,000 mi basic

The 2019 Genesis G80 is for those who are looking for exhilarating performance and a feeling of poise and confidence wherever he or she goes.  If you love standing out from among the crowd of everyday automobiles, then this great luxury car is designed for you.

You don’t have to worry about bumpy rides or crowded interior cabinets; the magnificent automobile offers tons of space.

Advanced technology representing safety and soundness is integrated into the Genesis G80 system, easing the mind and heart of the owner and allowing for greater riding pleasure and enjoyment.

Pricing: $42, 050

Those who desire to own the 2019 Genesis G80 will pay $42,050 or more for the various models of the incredible spacious automobile.  However, for the pleasure of riding in style day in and day out is a powerful motivator.


  • Strong Name-Brand image
  • A riding experience filled with confidence and power
  • Four-door, five passenger Sedan
  • Rear-wheel-drive luxury


  • $42, 050 is too expensive for the average consumer.

However, if you desire to draw uncommon attention and impress family and friends, the price is well- worth paying. You will get preferential treatment whenever you visit a top hotel or restaurant. The finer things in life like the 2019 Genesis G80 places you into a whole new sophisticated class.


Final Opinion

If you desire style, luxury, recognition, and a sense of sophistication, then the 2019 Genesis G80 is your “hunker berry” when it comes to the finer things in life. You will continue to create experiences of a lifetime among friends, family, and co-workers.




Ghost “Rose Royce 2019” is an aesthetic, luxurious beauty of an automobile which turns the corner of the street and comes out of a mysterious fog.  The incredible ease, comfort, and flow of the ride give the owner a sense of power, freedom, and control in life.

The breathtaking automobile is for those who desire to represent one of the finest Rose Royce automobiles, making an immediate connection with those who are around them. Ghost “Rose Royce” cannot be ignored when it comes driving down the street in all of its aesthetic glory.

The sheer craftsmanship of the automobile will give you a sense of confidence and incredible poise in the eyes of others.


  • Dark Blue Sedan
  • Polished stainless steel
  • $10,000 audio system
  • House power: 563hp
  • 154 MPH
  • Engine 6.6 L V12
  • MPG: 12 city/18 highway
  • 605-pound-feet of torque
  • 5000 in weight

In addition to these features the Ghost “Rose Royce 2019” has a series of sophisticated systems to keep an owner in outstanding safety and security.  Its head’s up displays, cameras, and controls keep the driver from crashing or going off the road.


  • Whisper-quiet cabinet
  • Magical ride experience
  • Draws instant Magnetism
  • Attractive brand-name image


The Ghost “Rose Royce 2019” will cost an individual around $311,900. This magnificent dark blue Rose Royce is among the most expensive luxury cars in the business. Those who love the imposing automobile mechanism will have no problem paying such a price.

To purchase the Ghost, you can google its locations to discover dealers near you.

Pros and Cons of the Ghost Rose Royce 2019


  • You can gain recognition and preferential treatment at restaurants
  • Incredible riding comfort and convenience
  • Agile Strength & elegant craftsmanship


  • Overly expensive automobile, the average consumer cannot afford it.

Similar Brand Rivals include:

  • Rose Royce Wraith: $320,500
  • Rose Royce Phantom: $417,825

My Final Verdict:

The “Ghost Rose Royce, 2019” is a gift to those who love and can afford the finer things in life. Impressing friends, family, and strangers cannot get any easier.  A riding experience that verges on the magical is at the ready each time you step feet into this wonderful automobile.






Serving a worldwide audience, Best Buy is a multinational consumer electronic enterprise. Located in Richfield Minnesota, the corporation was founded by Richard M. Schulze in 1966 and has grown to include over 25, 000 employees. In addition, the electronic corporation earns revenue of $39, 528 billion and a profit of $897 million a year.

I love shopping at Best Buy, one of my favorite and most accessible electronic stores in my area. I have purchased a variety of products, including TVs, digital cameras, desktop and laptops computers as well as a variety of software. These were great buys. I enjoyed using every item.

Best Buy

I give Best Buy a rating of 10 out of 10


  • High-quality merchandise
  • Trustworthy products and services
  • Exciting place to shop
  • Carries a large variety of electronics
  • Approachable and friendly staff


  • Due to Downsizing, many nearby stores have closed

Who Shops at Best Buy?

Nearly everybody who desires and uses electronics. That’s people of all nationalities and cultures. If you watch TV, need a good computer, talk on smartphones, and are aware of the wonderful world of technology, then you might be one of those people who choose to shop at Best Buy.

Best Buy

If you are avid photography, make sure you visit the camera section, you will see some of the most spectacular selection of digital cameras in the market, including Canon, Nikon, and Sony. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, immediate, or advanced photography, you will be impressed with the remarkable digital technology.

Best Buy’s Merchandise

  • TVs, including Home Theater Systems
  • Variety of software, including virus, photography, and office
  • VHS Cassettes and VCR’s,
  • Mobile phones products, include Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT & T
  • Large selection of digital cameras
  • Video cameras, and games
  • music
  • Automobile stereos

Services Offered

  • Computer repair
  • Home Theater Installation
  • Warranty Service
  • Accidental Service Planes

Best Buy also sells a variety of other merchandise, including appliances and automobile parts.

Best Buy’s Support System

From my experience, Best Buy treats customers with respect. Because of the smiles and friendly service, you will feel comfortable approaching any of the staff. If you need direction, to ask a question about a product or service, or just want to engage in a casual conversation, you can do just that without feeling rushed off.

If you have problems with any of your electronics or any of the appliances you purchase, you can make sure that the appropriate staff will be glad to assist you.

You will most likely get expert opinions and suggestions if you are having trouble choosing which product or service to purchase.

Quality-Control Practices

You will not be turned off if you are looking for a clean and well-lighted electronic store. The aisles are shiny and clear. The shelves are neat with nicely arranged items. Products are not left opened if sampled and demonstrated by staff.

Best Buy

There is always a fresh, clean smell whenever I visit Best Buy. The superior organization of objects and spaces allows customers to move easily from one area to another.

Ranking Compared to the Competition

Best Buy is one of the largest and complete brick-n-mortar electronic stores in the world. However, its biggest rival is Amazon, followed by Walmart, Office Max and other all-in-one consumer shopping places which sell electronics. Other online electronic stores also pose a problem.

But the massive influence of Amazon in the digital and social media age has driven millions to shop online, crippling the sales of many of the most popular, brick-n-mortar retail giants.

However, even though Best Buy had to do some major downsizing and repositioning itself, the technology store still stands as a successful, pure electronic giant in the industry, with locations in Canada and Mexico.

My Final Opinion of Best Buy Co. Inc.

If there is a store near you, don’t hesitate to pay it a visit. You will most likely find what you are looking for. With competitive pricing, including discounts and sales, you will not be charged the price of an arm and leg just to get a small toe. The prices are reasonable and the quality of the products and services are comfortable for many electronic buyers.

Happy Shopping!

Great companies thrive due to a fully formed strategy. The hallmark of the Tiffany& Co. strategy is that of Focused Differentiation. It is a strategy that focuses on a particular niche target market, in this case, the wealth of society. It is the uniqueness of the product that keeps customers coming back. This specialness can originate out of superior customer service, stunning product features, and attributes, or outstanding reputation, tradition, and longevity in the niche market.

Target Market

Tiffany & Co.’s strategy reaches only to a select group of wealthy and affluent consumers who appreciate high quality. The little Blue Box is a token every customer after making a purchase. This token is Tiffany & Co.’s pledge to continue to satisfy customers who are inclined to the finer things in life: High Society so to speak. These customers will disregard the low-cost substitute products for the unique look and feel of the real deal.

Tiffany & Co.

The Strategy that is most responsible for Tiffany & Co. is the focused differentiation strategy. Tiffany & Co. uses the strategy to establish itself as one of the prominent jeweler retailers in the world. Founded in New York City in 1837, Tiffany & Co.’s reputation in the marketplace is solid with stores in Europe as well as the Asia-Specific region. Since its reputation for selling fine jewelry, the retailer’s reach has resulted in sales totaling up to $3 billion. In its 175 years of existence, it has made a tremendous on the jewelry industry worldwide.

Superior Brand

The purpose of Tiffany & Co.’s strategy is to maintain a superior brand. Without this determination, the retailer will lose its unique niche market to other competitors.
Therefore, it must continue to present to the customer with nothing less the most superior diamonds, a perfect 4C selection.

In order to uphold the status, power, and perfection that its customers expect Tiffany & Co. must not waiver in its determination, regardless of the state of the economy or of rivals offering genuine substitutes at a lower cost. Tiffany’s brand and tradition speak for itself. And a great organization stands its ground.

Tiffany & Co.

To stay on top of the mountain, an organization must build upon what has gotten it to the top. Any deviation from a winner strategy will mean the loss of identity as well as customers to the charms of a competitor with similar taste.

The mountaintop is there for Tiffany & Co. as long as it stays loyal to the brand is established in the 1800s. Great organizations go under because they are intimidated by a change in the marketplaces. The lower cost, stop training employees and shut down stores. However, Tiffany & Co. wasn’t destroyed to abandon ship during the recession of 2008. Instead, it of lowering its prices it raised them, offering its customers an opportunity to identify with affluence even it bad economic time. The risk was worth it. Their strategy sustained them.

Going Forward: SWOT Analysis for Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. unique strategy gives them the ability to seize market opportunities and nullify many external threats. The sign of a great organization is its ability to remain king of the mountain by taking advantage of opportunities for growth and expansion while also building up a strong competitive defense against rivals.

Tiffany & Co.

Entering into New geographic markets

Tiffany & Co. popularity and potential for wide world reach will in able it to take advantage of new geographic markets. It already has stores in both China and Europe. It’s a commitment to superior style and quality has made the difference in sales growth and prestige.
Committing to an Ever-Expanding product line

Tiffany & Co. will have to continue to expand their product line as the opportunities arise. The Jewelry giant has always possessed an attractive product line, including “key chains, eyewear, leather goods, scarves, tableware, vases and a selection of other items. Tiffany & Co. continue growth in revenue will allow it to select other unique products as well as partner with other unique companies that sell prestigious items.

Taking Advantage When Trade Barrier Falls

Tiffany & Co.’s will also be able to enter into other lucrative foreign markets as its expanding, worldwide influence continues to grow. As the trade barriers fall among foreign markets such as Cuba, the organization will be able to introduce its brand to the affluent within these markets. Tiffany & Co.’s popularity and longevity in the jewelry industry will trigger trust and partnership in business with new retailers in other countries.

Tiffany & Co,

Increasing intensity of competition among industry rival
Because of Tiffany’s & Co. unique strategy, it will be hard for rivals to duplicate what it is doing in the marketplace. The unwillingness to let the customer down and then refusing to go with jewelry products that do not meet the highest quality will keep rivals at bay. Although non-traditional retailers or one-stop-shop stores might at times have a slight impact on the sales growth and profits of Tiffany & Co., these stores will not be able to attract the consumers that prefer quality and brand over price.

The occurrence of Adverse economic conditions

Tiffany & Co. know how to waiver adverse economic conditions. It came out a winner last time. Therefore experience counts. By expanding its product lines and raising its prices to keep up with the rising prices of gold and other precious metals, the company knows how to rebound from bad economic times.

Tiffany & Co.

A shift in buying needs and taste away from industry’s product
Expanding its product line was the key to meeting the shifting needs of customers. Tiffany & Co. has a large array of new products and accessories to accommodate its jewelry collections. This is the way to go as trends come and go according to consumers’ needs and desires. Furthermore, in order to reach a broader market, Tiffany &Co, has even invested in some lower cost products without jeopardizing its name brand products.

The strength of Financial Performance

The financial performance of Tiffany & Co. is the hallmark of success. An indication of this is determined by the company’s EBIT margins. The statics show tremendous growth from 2006 to 2011. In 2006, Tiffany’s overall annual revenue was $1, 560.9, but in 2011, Tiffany & Co. revenue was up 18% or $1 764.2.
The statistics show a dip in financial revenue in 2009 and 2010, but a rebound in financial profits in 2011. Obviously, Tiffany’s success doing the recession of 2008 and its gradual recovery proves that it has a winning strategy for sustainability doing rough times.

Competitive Strength for Longevity in the Industry

Because of its ability to bounce back from an adverse condition and its ability to adapt to changing trends, the Tiffany & Co.’s is well suited to defend its position in the industry. Its reputation and image in the marketplace speak for itself. With a strong rating, superior product, quality performance, and strategy, which cater to the affluent, Tiffany & Co. will have the necessary resources to continue to uphold its market share.

Tiffany & Co.

Resolving Current Issues: Matching the March of the Competition

Although Tiffany & Co. has been successful in adverse economic condition due to its outstanding strategy, it must address issues that might become a problem in the near future.
Tiffany & Co. doesn’t have to change its method of operation, which has been a model of success since its inception, but it must strive to maintain its dominance in the marketplace. It must be aware of the Blue Nile Inc. strategy, an industrial giant which dominates the internet in Jewelry sales and accessories. As consumers become more inclined to shop online, even for top of the line Jewelry, traditional brick and mortar retailers may begin to suffer. In order words, Tiffany & Co. must increase its presence on the web.

Investing in websites that promote that will promote Tiffany & Co’s brand will have the potential to reach a wider market. This shouldn’t be entirely difficult since the Tiffany & Co.’s image is a well- known entity among the affluent of the world. Tiffany & Co. must cling to this new mission and match the march of the competition in the area of cyberspace. With the strength of its resources, superior commitment and track record of success Tiffany & Co. must adapt its strategy to building its brand on the World Wild Web.

Tiffany & Co., popular diamond sellers,

Recommendations for Future Development

The economy always operates on an air of uncertainty. The unexpected can happen without warning. The next wild world disaster of a financial crash can send the economy into a whirlwind. In this case, retailers must be prepared to thrive in such trying times.
When interruptions in the economy occur, retailers and organization must have a plan B. The greatest preparation is to not go at it alone.

To prepare for an ever-changing economy, Tiffany & Co. must continue to, not only increase its product line but also engage in stronger partnering for the future. Strong partnerships with the right companies will further strengthen company’s ability to invest in new geographic areas and reach new customers. In addition, Tiffany & Co. must adapt to the Millenium generation, including their taste, culture, and ideas.




Verizon, another American telecommunication conglomerate behind AT&T, was founded on October 7, 1983. Highly successful, it employs 162,000 individuals and earns a net income of $13.12 Billion.

I have been using the Verizon mobile phone products for years. I have never had any problems dealing with quality or service.


  • Choice of Brand Options
  • Reliability
  • Superior performance
  • Outstanding customer service


  • Products can be expensive for some consumers

Type of Users

Using Verizon products and services is for those who desire superior products and services as well as a taste of prestige. You can go hardly anywhere without hearing the word “Verizon”.  You hear it on TV commercials as well as from family and friends.  You see the word on billboards as well as internet advertisements.  The positive image of Verizon is so overwhelming that people just go with the brand. What is often talked about and discussed becomes a very attractive force.


Verizon Products

  • Digital media
  • Broad bands
  • Mobile phone
  • Fixed-line phone
  • Cable television


What Does Verizon Promise?

The goal of this company is to provide its customers with superior service and quality and to establish a long-term relationship with customers, strengthened by a show of appreciation and respect.

The technology giant certainly delivers on its promise, verified by its position as the second largest telecommunication source in the world.

The key to Verizon’s Success

Strong brand name image

Customers love to go with a popular brand because of several reasons:

Trustworthiness-people cannot resist a brand that everyone talks about. Such brands are trustworthy when it comes to reliability, high quality, and superior performances.

Some customers go with a brand because of its prestigious image. I chose this telecommunication company because of its popularity. I knew that if everyone wanted it that it must have been among the best telecommunication companies.

Ranking in its Field relative to competition

Verizon’s most powerful rival happens to be AT& T, the largest telecommunication conglomerate in the world. Its brands, products, and services dominate the marketplace, expanding across borders worldwide.

However, Verizon is the next technological beast in line for the challenge of becoming number one.  To improve greatly, Verizon must keep doing what it is doing well and improve upon those things which kept it in second place.

By paying attention to the shifting needs of customers and by adapting to the changing trends of the economy, VC will be able to reach equilibrium with its rival AT & T.  Verizon must continue to exercise integrity and show appreciation for customers.   One slip up by its rival could make the difference between remaining in second place or becoming number one.

My Final Opinion

Are the Verizon brands worth purchasing? Yes! %100. You will get high-quality products, great customer service, and impressive performance.

Rating: 10 out of 10


The largest American multinational telecommunication conglomerate, AT & T stands alone at the top of its industry, trailed closely by Verizon. Located in downtown Texas, AT & T was founded in 1983.  With a net income of $13,33 billion, the technology giant employs over 273,00 individuals.

Pros & Cons


  • Choice of brand options
  • Reliability
  • Strong brand name image
  • Wide geographic coverage
  • Valuable alliances/joint ventures


  • Choices may be overwhelming for people who desire lesser known brands
  • Products and services can be expensive

Type of Users

If you desire the prestige in relating to the best in the business, then you may want to submit your loyalty to AT & T. Its large customer base and overwhelming dominance in the marketplace is a testimony of the company’s impressive selection of products and services.

AT & T


People go with the company because they love the quality performance.

AT & T Products and Services

  • Digital television
  • Satellite television
  • Mobile phones
  • Broadband
  • Home security
  • Fixed line telephone
  • Network security

Key to Success

AT & T has achieved overwhelming service due to its outstanding customer service and a massive choice of brands, including Direct TV, Digital Life, and U-verse just to name a few. Companies who go beyond one-dimensional in terms of offering a variety of products and services have a greater opportunity to attract customers than a company that sells only one product.

What does AT & T Promise?

The outstanding conglomerate promises to provide service of the highest quality to all customers. In addition, AT & T desire to build a long-lasting relationship with each customer, demonstrating appreciation and respect.

The promise is fulfilled, indicated by constant industrial growth, huge selection of brands, and an ever-increasing customer base.

Ranking in its field relative to competition

The only rival AT & T should be worried about is Verizon, the second largest telecommunication conglomerate in the world. Therefore, to remain number one, this technology will have to continue improving its brands and investing in new ones.

In addition, the outstanding conglomerate must continue to adapt to changing trends and prepare for disturbances in the industry. If it keeps a watchful eye and keeps doing what has gotten it to the top of the mountain, the company should continue to thrive as king of telecommunication.

My Final Opinion

Investing in this popular brand will not leave you in disappointment. The quality of service and customer appreciation displayed by the company is great.  Join the millions who know how to choose a champion.

Rating: 10 out of 10





An American multinational technology company, IBM has been serving businesses and organizations for over 100 years. Its inventions helped paved the way for modern technology.

The company, located in Armonk New York, operates in 170 countries and has a net income of $11.872 Billion. Also, the company employees 380,000 employees.

The trustworthy quality and efficiency of its brands have kept the technology company as one of the leading technology companies in the industry.

IBM technology

As an inventor of the PC, the automatic teller machine, and hard disk driver, (just to name of few) IBM has been and remains a powerful forerunner of model technology.


  • Invented the PC and set the standard for modern PCs
  • Quality products and services
  • Name Recognition


  • Industry changes, including the arrival of Mobile technological rivals, such as Verizon, AT & T, and Microsoft has stolen a good deal of the glory IBM once enjoyed.

However, IBM is here to stay. The company continues to adapt to the changing times, purchasing a variety of different services, including PwC Consulting and The Weather Channel.

Who Buys IBM Products:

The outstanding technology company target both small and large business as well as ordinary consumers worldwide. Organizations and individuals buy from this iconic brand because it is the most recognizable name, in terms of office equipment and technology, on the planet.

Products & Services

  • Computer hardware,
  • Software
  • Keypunches
  • Sorters
  • Collators
  • Typewriters and dictating equipment
  • Copier/duplicators
  • Calculators

Services Provided

  • PwC Consulting
  • SPSS
  • The Weather Channel

The Competition

Although IBM is an extremely profitable giant in a league by itself, its dominance has dwindled due to the introduction of mobile technology, flourishing rival brands, and other modern industry factors. Dell, HP and Apple computers are popular office brands which represent the once dominant IBM standard for PC.

Final Opinion

Because of its name recognition, contribution to the industry, and trustworthy brands, IBM is a highly profitable company in which to invest. Its products and services are reliable, efficient and expansive enough to meet your most vital office and business needs.




The Blue Nile is the supreme online diamond retailer who sets the standard for selling fine jewelry via the internet, surpassing, (in sales) its greatest rival Tiffany & Co. Founded in 1999, Blue Nile is based in Seattle Washington.

By far the largest online diamond retailer earned a net income of over $10 million in 2016. The diamond retailer also employs 335 individuals.

The Blue Nile is for people who love the quality of find diamonds and the convenience of shopping online as opposed to going to a brink-in-mortal location.  Diamonds buyers who desire to avoid the large crowds on special occasions and holidays will have a delightful experience selecting and buying high-quality diamonds online.

Blue Nile


  • Convenience
  • Choice of Options
  • Guaranteed Fine Jewelry


  • Lack of face to face interaction when investing in fine diamonds
  • Inability to try on the jewelry to see if it properly fits

Choice of Jewelry Options

  • Diamonds
  • Engagement rings
  • Wedding rings
  • Gemstone Jewelry
  • Gifts-necklaces, bracelets, earrings
  • Education regarding fine jewelry

Other Beneficial Services

  • Matches Comparable diamond prices
  • Free extended returns
  • Free shipping upgrades


Greatest Intent

Blue Nile’s aim is to remain second to none in the provision of the finest quality loose diamonds on the planet. Offering the most extensive collection of high-quality diamonds, the online Jewelry income emphasizes quality, cut, color and clarity when it comes to impressing customers. Types of Jewelry include diamond, Gold, Silver, Pearl, and Platinum.

Creating Loyalty

The goal of Blue Nile is to provide the best online jewelry buying experience on the planet. The hope is to keep keeping customers coming back time and time again.  The provision of quality jewelry integrated with friendly and passionate service has made the Blue Nile the number one online diamond icon it is today.


One of Blue Nile’s greatest rivals happens to be Tiffany & Co., a brick-in-mortar iconic giant that has an online presence in the industry. Tiffany & Co. has outwitted the test of time and yet remained supreme. However, Blue Nile still rules the online aspect of the industry.  Other exclusively online rivals include James Allen, Belgium Diamonds, and RingBerry.com.


The Blue Nile has to find Jewelry for everyone. Customers can purchase Jewelry for under $100. Heart and cross pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and a wide variety of other precious Jewelry can be purchased at low prices.

Customer Support

Customers don’t have to worry about getting questions answered regarding purchases. Support and interaction include live chat, email, FAQs, help topics, order status, returns, and feedback on service. In addition to these forms of support, Blue Nile has several Webrooms designed to provide customers with an experience of being there on the spot.

Concluding Thoughts on the Blue Nile

If you like the convenience of purchasing high-quality jewelry online, especially before holidays and special occasions when the time is an essence, then this iconic diamond jewelry company is well worth your interest and investments.

Rating: 10 out of 10



Founded on August 18, 1949, by Adolf Dassler, Adidas is German multinational corporation located in Herzogenaurach, Bauaria. The global, iconic corporation designs and manufacturers prestigious shoes, clothing and a variety of accessories.

The second largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, Adidas has a net income of 0.72 billion in euro revenue. To help sustain its success and momentum, the corporation employees well over 53,000 people.

I would rate adidas a 10 out of 10


  • Exceptional brand
  • Higher quality products
  • Global status/prestige


  • Expensive merchandise

Who is the Adidas brand for?

The iconic brand caters to professional sports leagues around the world. It designs a variety of team-oriented sports kits for participation in international competition worldwide. Its clients include track and field, football, basketball, skateboarding, golf and tennis leagues.



The goal of this iconic sports brand is to establish a long-term relationship with its clients by providing quality products and accessories which exceed customer expectations.


  • Footwear
  • Shirts
  • Shorts
  • pants
  • Outerwear
  • Sports equipment

Accessories, including

  • Eyewear
  • Watches
  • Mobile accessories
  • Snacks
  • Baseball caps

Price Range of Merchandise: average prices can range from $30 to $200 or more.

A reputation of Adidas Brand

Getting to be the second largest sports manufacturer in Europe is a testament to the iconic brand’s reputation. Developing a great reputation is the result of targeting a specific market and providing superior customer satisfaction over time. Adidas made its mark by marketing distinctively designed products to the professional sports market.

Superior Product Quality

The iconic brand is in demand throughout the world. Professional sports leagues, as well as ordinary people, love the brand with all its prestigious sporting merchandise and accessories. Watch any major sports team and you will see the Adidas logo representing sponsorship.

Providing superior quality is always a key to winning the hearts and minds of customers. An Excellent quality product usually indicates longevity and outstanding performance.

Attractive Customer Base

Having a target audience of professional sports leagues is one of the most attractive customer bases in the world. Millions of people across the world love sports. Without professional sports, the world would be extremely difficult to live in.

Because the world loves sports, the customer base for Adidas goes beyond sports leagues and athletes and captures the attention of ordinary sports fans around the world. With such an outstanding customer base, the brand will always have the opportunity to grow with innovation and sustained marketing productivity.

Ranking in its Field relative to Competition

Being the second largest sports manufactural means that there is a number one: Nike.  Nike, an American sport manufactural, is the largest corporation in the world. The Nike brand’s logo is visible on the clothing and accessories of great sports leagues throughout the world.  Nike has over 62,000 employees and a generates a revenue of 24.1 billion US dollars.

My Final Opinion of Adidas

Distinctiveness is the key to its success. Buying Adidas will get you recognized as a customer of a prestigious brand. The brand quality has proven to its longevity by performing effectively in the toughest sports leagues in the world.

The Adidas brand will continue to grow as sports lovers continue to multiply across the globe. Why not Choose Adidas? Become great. Embrace Prestige.