VERSACE Sport Tech Chronograph Bracelet Watch: a Taste of Debonair

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Sport Tech Chronograph Bracelet Watch gives its owner an experience of absolute sophistication and elegance in every way. You can conquer all your situations with confidence when you are aware of this golden treasure around your wrist.

A fine watch will give you a feeling of being in control of your time and space. In a room full of your peers, you will have the ability to be recognized. When others see the Sport Tech Chronograph Bracelet Watch wrapped around your wrist, you will have their attention.

The Sport Tech Chronograph Bracelet Watch is for those watch lovers who desire to create an impression of distinctiveness. It is for the man who desires to catch the attention of a woman who is looking for a man in control of his life and affairs.


A VERSACE brand, The Sport Tech Chronograph Bracelet Watch’s longevity is guaranteed. It quality components are second to known:

  • 45mm case; 23mm band width
  • Deployant clasp closure
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Date window
  • Sapphire crystal face
  • Stainless steel with gold and black ionic plate
  • Swiss made

This VERSACE brand allows its owners to move around others with a sophisticated style and commanding look. Whether you wear it on the job or at the club, you will get the same attention from both obvious and secret admirers.


The Sport Tech Chronograph Bracelet Watch will cost you $1, 795.00. You can order it on the Nordstrom website with the possibility of same-day delivery in some areas.

Alternatives Watch Styles:

V Circle Clans Edition Leather Strap Watch, 42m $695.00

Glaze Leather Strap Watch, 45m $1,295.00

T-Complicated Squellette Mechanical Watch, 43mm, $1, 950.00


Impact with Accessories

Put on a pair of cool GUCCI jeans and a classy Jacket from BURBERRY and conquer the weekend with the atmosphere of a cool, calm and collected force to be reckoned with. Such a fantastic watch will enhance the look of any wardrobe.


The Sport Tech Chronograph Bracelet Watch will give you a sense of empowerment and high light your presence of sophistication wherever you may go. It will give you a lifetime of wonderful experience when it comes to a surefire attention getter.


The intriguing VERSACE watch brand may not fit the bill of the average consumer who is living from paycheck to paycheck. However, there are cheaper styles made by the same VERSACE brand. The quality is the same.

Final Opinion

A gold and white jewel of a watch, The Sport Tech Chronograph Bracelet Watch enhance to look and feel of coolness and sophistication wherever you go. If you are looking to make an impression on the people around you, purchasing this wonderful time mechanism is the first step toward progressiveness.





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