How Traveling to the Milwaukee Lagoon Brought our Friendship Closer

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Paddle boats filled with people strolled across the Milwaukee Lagoon, a small lake adjacent to Lake Michigan and looking toward the skyway of the city.

I, my wife and two best friends had driven several miles from Minneapolis to spend time together and to enhance our relationships.

In Milwaukee, the Lakefront, particularly around the beautiful Lagoon, is where people go to relax on the green grass under the many shade trees during the hot summer months. You will find many families picnicking and flipping hamburgers and hot dogs on a grill. Other times you will find several people casting out fishing lines and catching small panfish.

It’s My Favorite Place

I love coming to the Milwaukee Lagoon.  On weekends you will see me out there early in the morning. I would go there for a piece of mind. I believe everyone should have a favorite place where they can go to get away from the worries and cares of common life.

At the Milwaukee Lagoon, there are several activities designed for people who love to have fun in the water. The most popular attraction is the paddleboats. There are two types. Family paddleboats and individual bike paddle boats.

Do you want to be the Center of Attention?

I like to ride both types.  Throughout the summer if you come to the Lagoon, you will see families out paddle boating and having a good time. You will also see single people riding bikes, sometimes stopping in the middle of the water and resting there on the water for a moment or two. They enjoy being the center of attention.

Back to My Loyal Friends: Simple Conversations

The goal was to give my friends a good experience and watch them enjoy themselves. They didn’t ask for much, but we did want them to enjoy their anniversary. They did. We sit around the Lagoon talking about old times when they were young newlyweds. As I and my wife listened to their stories, a group of young children came along the edges of the small lake.

Compared to other places around the lakefront, the Milwaukee Lagoon is a must-see destination with its variety of paddle boats and much more. You can rent one of these toys for only $7 an hour. The bikes may be a little less than that.

We, as a group, didn’t want to go out in the water. We were delighted with just sitting on the picnic tables under the shade tree and enhancing our friendship. The longer we stayed there, the deeper we got to know one another.

Our trip to the Milwaukee Lagoon was well worth it. We got to know each other a little deeper, strengthening our friendships to the 3rd degree.




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