Overcoming Your Worst Travel Mistakes and Enjoying the Journey

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Traveling to your favorite destinations should guarantee times of joy, happiness, and freedom from the mundane.  However, due to improper attention to the preparation stage, travelers can make some of the worst mistakes they’ve ever made.

Through my travels, I have learned the hard way that there always need to be a plan B, especially when you never make it off the ground of your city before being told that a long-awaited get-a-way has been called off. The money you spent on your ticket is good has non-existent because you thought you were doing well by taking advantage of the cheapest, nonrefundable discount.

What an emotional tragedy? But this doesn’t have to happen to you. Giving adequate attention to preparation travel, you can avoid the worst travel mistakes that others have made. Some of the most common mistakes include an unwillingness to:

Generate a Plan B– think twice about buying a non-refundable, cheap airline ticket. If you trip is canceled, you will not be able to get your money back.

Missing your flight-never travel on the edge. Arrive at the airport hours before your flight leaves, or if you are driving leave before the last minute so that you will not be stuck in traffic, especially if you are the best man in a friend’s wedding.

Save enough money-make sure you have enough money in your bank account to cover expenses if anything goes wrong.

Secure your credit card– always watch your credit card usage as well as where you place your card after transactions.

Lack of emergency kit-accidents happen! You don’t have to be involved in a car crash. You or one of your family members could trip over a bottle, or cut your finger while cutting an apple. You need bandages, alcohol, and peroxide for small wounds. All the needful things for taking common safety measures should in full awareness.

Getting rid of these travel mistakes begins by acknowledging that it is not alright to make them and that they cost you undue stress and irritation, ruining the peace and happiness you suppose to feel while traveling.

Identify the negative habits and routines you often make before going on a trip. Write them down if you have to. Make a permanent checklist. You will be happy you did.

The goal is to practice self-discipline until your positive habits become second nature.  How long it will take depends on you and how sincere you are about fixing your travel woes.

Each time you travel, you can use the checklist so that you will never make the same travel mistakes again.







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