The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Fascinates Thousands of Sightseers each Year

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For travelers coming to Minneapolis to enjoy the Twin City and do some sightseeing, the Sculpture Garden is a must-see. If you would like to experience a sense of wonder by walking around in the Garden and gazing upon some of the most creative sculptures in the world, then the beautiful Garden is a can’t miss.

I have been living in Minneapolis sense 2005 and I am still fascinated by the 40 or more Sculptures presented by the Walker Art Museum (adjacent to the Garden.) Your imagination can go to places you have never dreamed of if you just stop and ponder the depth of meaning embedded in the design of the magnificent pieces of art.

Into the Heart of the Sculpture Garden

When you arrive at the Sculpture Garden you will see a rectangular piece of geography the size of a Football field, filled with small trees and paved trails, curving throughout the Garden, bringing you right into the heart of each Sculpture.

Promoting Popular Cherry Spoon

The most notable sculpture is the Spoon Bridge and Cherry. The image of the Cherry has been featured in many travel magazines, both local and national. Other awe-inspiring sculptures include:

  • Hahn Cock-the Big Blue Hen
  • Hare on Bell of Poland Stone Pier
  • For whom the bell
  • Black Vessel for saint
  • Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge
  • The LOVE sculpture
  • Woodrow, the horse
  • X with Columns
  • The Six Crystals
  • Empire
  • Five Plates, Two Poles
  • Gog & Magog
  • Octopus
  • Reclining Mother and Child

These are just a few of the sculptures on exhibition in the Sculpture Garden. The art observation show leads you all the way into the Walker Art Museum where can discover the wonder of art and the everlasting transformation it performs on you.

A Year without a Closure: 365 Days of Access

The Sculpture Garden is open 365 days of the year, but in the summer a variety of activities is presented for children as well as adults. And if you are a sociable person, you will most likely meet a hand full of friendly sightseers like yourself.

Meeting new friends is always an opportunity to share ideas and appreciate the works of art with others and learn what they are thinking about aesthetic art. I have met several people on my journeys to the Sculpture Garden.

Fun Memories for the Avid Photography

You can even meet more people if you are an avid photographer. You can even volunteer to take photos of families who want to capture precious memories. You can do these things and much more in and around the Sculpture Garden.  It is surrounded by ponds, flower gardens, and a park with birds and ducks in and near the edges of the water.

You will enjoy a fun-filled day of sightseeing with restaurants just a few blocks leading into the heart of downtown Minneapolis.



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