Milwaukee’s Bradford Beach and all the Other Fascinating Summer Happenings

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Bradford Beach and its surroundings are one of the most fun and exciting, summer vacation get-a-ways in Wisconsin as well as Minnesota.  Throughout the summer thousands of Milwaukeeans flock down to the sandy shores of Milwaukee’s most popular hangout.  The entire Lake Front becomes a tourist attraction during the spring and summer months from April to August.

As a former Milwaukeean, my summer days were spent hanging out and walking around Bradford Beach shooting photography of the surrounding activities.  In early April of each year, I made it my priority to attend the kite festival to capture the beauty of patterns and colors embedded in some of the most aesthetic kite designs.

Lake Michigan

Bradford Beach and Other Fun, Exciting Things to Do

Even though I am residing in Minnesota for outstanding reasons, I make my trip back to Milwaukee for the kite show event and much more.  The things you can do around Bradford Beach are vast. The goal is to branch out and have an unforgettable experience.

The ideal sites along the lakeshore include:

  • Bradford Beach with its multiple volleyball nets
  • The Lagoon where you can experience paddle boat rides
  • Jet Ski renters, an opportunity to make fun, fast, exciting rides across Lake Michigan
  • The Pier, where lovers can walk out into the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan
  • Yacht Rides around Lake Michigan
  • Sailboat sightseeing and displays on Lake Michigan
  • The Kite Shop, if you feel like soaring high in the clouds
  • Milwaukee Art Museum to get lost in the beauty of art
  • Discovery World to experience the wonders of science and invention
  • A summer full of festivals, including the biggest festival of all: Summer Fest

Many times during hot summer days, I climb up on the rock piles along the lakeshore and gaze across the still, blue waters of Lake Michigan, daydreaming.  Sometimes I sat and read a book for an hour or two. Such times are wonderful and memorable.

The Mariner Restaurant: A Hotdog, Drinks, and Music

But sometimes I like to go to the small mariner restaurant and order a hot dog and drink, listening to music in the atmosphere. The restaurant owners are very kind and offer great, interesting conversations about the bright side of life.

Out of the restaurant’s window, you can see the seagulls skipping along the sidewalk near the door, eating happy freebies whenever someone drops edibles.

Summers should be fun and exciting. You may not have much money, but a summer in Milwaukee around Bradford Beach is a treat for any money starved tourist and local sightseers. All summer long, you can do something wonderful, delightful, and emotional fulfilling.





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