Catch Me I’M Falling: A Modern Lyrical Master Piece with an Old Sound

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Catch Me I’M Falling is a modern song with a Motown oriented sound, a song by Kelly Finnigan. What makes this song so special is the special voice and the old Motown sound in the background.

The song is a modern, yet classic hit with the listener for several reasons:


Because of the slow, soothing music and the gentle voice of the singer, people who enjoy such groups as the Delfonics and Stylistics as well as Eddie Kendricks of the Temptations instantly fall in love with the song. Slow songs back in that era held meaning and purpose and came straight from the soul.

The background vocalist compliant the soft, sultry voice of the lead singer with lyrics that are unforgettable and keeps locked in your mind for hours and hours if not days.

The Power of Love

  • Catch Me I’M Falling expresses the power of love and its ability to blind us against all reason, whether right or wrong. Some of the lyrics include:
  • I Don’t wanna hear nobody’s good reason why I shouldn’t fall in love this season
  • Thinking of your smile and thinking of your kiss when I go
  • Cupid left its Arrow with me
  • I will
  • No one said it would happen this fast, but it is hard to make a good thing last forever.
  • Got me feeling like I can hardly breath

The powerful lyrics indicate a person is madly and obsessively falling in love with no point of return. No persuasion to the negative can changer his mind about the one his loves. The bridge”Catch Me I”M Falling” tells us that once love has caught its victims the Falling has already begun. Attempting to Catch such a person is in vain.

That is the definition of romantic love that has gone beyond the forces of reason and has set the heart ablaze with a power that is destined to dive deeply into the depths of love and its mystery. Love is unstoppable.

Catch Me I’M Falling makes me want to pull out all of the slow sounding love songs that ruled that era and still rules today in the minds of those who love immortal music.


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