The TF 2 Transition Flying Car: An Exciting New Way to Think about Ground and Air Travel

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Is waking up every morning and going to work a continual hassle that you dread facing? Are roadblocks and detours making you exhausted even before you get to work? Do you dread delays when it comes to driving home after a stressful day on the job? Well, your troubles can be over.

The TF2 Transition, a multi-functional transportation phenomenon is about the change the lifestyle of thousands of individuals, if not millions.  A three-part transportation system, the TERRAFUGIA 2 Transition is an automobile as well as an airplane with a cargo cabin integrated into a luxurious interior.

The TF2 makes travel by air and ground an overwhelming exciting adventure.  With wings that expand and fold, the transition eliminates several hassles involving common automobile travel, including ground transportation, space limitations when it comes to extra clothing and other personal resources you may need while traveling to and from work. You can store these items in the cargo cabin and still have room enough for 2 or 3 people.

When it comes to fuel, the TF 2 Transition you don’t need to go to the nearest airfield for aviation fuel, the multi-functional transportation mechanism uses regular gas. The unnecessary need for aviation fuel saves the owner significant money.


  • One transportation entity with two modes of travel: Air and Ground
  • Converts from drive mode to Flight mode with a push of a button
  • Allow passengers to travel a full journey without switching from air to ground
  • Takes off like a helicopter and flies like an airplane
  • Takes advantages of the latest technology in propulsion, construction material as well as manufacturing procedures that guarantee safety and reliability
  • Who is the TF Transition for?

Since the TF Transition is set to make it’s available a reality in 2018, whoever can afford to purchase the vehicle will have an opportunity.  However, you must possess a driver license and a sports pilot certificate for purchase qualifications. All consumers can train for a license and fly this multi-functional vehicle.

Safety Features

The TF-2 is built for safety, giving the passengers peace of mind in case of an emergency. Such features include:

  • Airframe parachutes
  • Airbags
  • Seatbelts with automatic retractors
  • Cabin Engineered to meet the latest automobile safety standards
  • 3 Cameras in drive mode


The TF-2 Transition has a range of speed of 100 mph/161km/hr. It Max range is 400 miles /644 km. The start of the art vehicle allows an owner to travel from one state to another without the necessity for much ground time.

Why Should You Be Interesting the TF 2 Transition?

Simply, because flying cars are about to become a reality. Drones are already taken flight and have almost become the norm. As the TF 2 Transition takes on more popularity and becomes more consumers affordable, you will see your neighbor take off from his or her driveway while you push your way to the traffic jams or travel a maze of detours.

Chances are, with the number of cars being purchased, ground transportation to and from work will likely become more stressful.


  • Shorter travel times to and from work
  • Freedom of the open sky
  • Eliminates the hassle of traffic jams
  • Fun and exciting for the entire family


  • Average consumers may not be able to afford the TF Transition, initially.
  • Must obtain a sports pilot license


The TF Transition’s price hasn’t been made known to the general public as of yet, but individuals who would like to own the multi-functional vehicle can obtain an intent to purchase agreement via the company’s website( terrafugia.com ) and become one of the first to receive the magnificent transportation machine.

Final Opinion

The TF Transition lays the foundation for the future of transportation. Ten years from now, our traditional concept of vehicle travel will be a thing of the past. The entrance of flying cars into the marketplace will introduce new laws and regulations as far as aviation is concerned. Our driving test will consist of not only ground travel but also skills regarding personal air travel.




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