Phone.Com –A Surefire Godsend for Small Businesses and Eager Entrepreneurs

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Small businesses and entrepreneurs are responsible for some of the most successful enterprises in the world. Once such icons started out as start-ups operated by eager entrepreneurs who knew what it took to get a company up and operating as smoothly as possible.

A very significant factor playing a role is any small business is the communication system which sustains its connection to customers and stakeholders.  Phone.com is a winner when it comes to innovative, customizable and cost-effective communication solutions.

Phone.com is the choice of over 25,000 companies across the United States. This cloud phone service is highly reliable with superior support for small business owners who want assurance that their communication system is of incredible quality at a reasonable price.

The unique communication system comes with a 30 trail for those who are unsure of its appropriateness for their start-ups. You can just cancel if you are unsatisfied with the system.

Premium Features:

  • Video Conferencing services
  • Caller analytics
  • CRM Integration
  • Global numbers
  • Call recording
  • Professional custom greetings
  • Custom local numbers
  • Voice transcription

Intriguing Main Features

  • Unlimited Freedom Extensions with voice mail
  • No Toll free minutes charge
  • Local or toll free number included
  • No contracts

These are only a few of the premium features in addition to the tons of standard features that the service offers customers.

Who is Phone.com for?

300x250 Your Business Phone Service in the Cloud

Any small business that needs a reliable communication system and wants to save money in the process of keeping a sustained connection with customers. Because Phone.com is cloud-based you can feel confident that you will always be accessible to the connections must vital to keeping your business operational and competitive?


Phone.com prices start as low as $12.99. This is the base plan which includes 100 minutes plus a single phone number.  You have a choice of options when it comes to customizing your phone system features that are right for your business.

2 Other options:

You may also choose to use pay-per-minute, which is as low as 2.5c/minute or you may select the unlimited minute extension for as low as $19.99/Mo.

For those who make a decision to purchase the system right away will receive %20 of the first 3 months.

Final Opinion:

Innovative, customizable, and affordable are the dynamics offered by phone.com. If you are a small business looking for a quality communication system, Phone .com is for you.

Receive 20% off your Phone.com base service for 3 months! Enter FALL20 at checkout and Customize Your Service After Signup.










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