Is InstaBuilder 2.0 an Emerging Giant in Page Building Software?

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Page builders rise and fall. Some of the most popular ones are doing wonders in terms of building quality pages. However, most are not user-friendly, especially for an absolute beginner.

May I introduce you to InstaBuilder 2.0, plugin, the ultimate page building software tool, designed to be used with ease and effectiveness. This unique software specially designed for those with no page building experience.

The over 6000 marketers who are using the software are having a field day pulling in customers who desire to get their products and services acknowledged in the marketplace.

Dynamic Features:

  • Drug and drop visual editor
  • 2 step-opt in technology
  • 3 step-opt in technology
  • Question opt-in
  • Welcome site
  • Built-in-image editor
  • Built-in marketing graphics
  • Scarcity builder
  • Advanced statistics and analytic features
  • Convert to HTML
  • Notification bar
  • Social sharing
  • Countdown Timer
  • Exit Popups
  • Combo Element
  • Split testing
  • New User Interface
  • Responsive and mobile-ready templates, including sales pages, lead capture pages, and webinar sign-ups

Who is InstaBuilder 2.0 for?

InstaBuilder 2.0 is for marketers of all levels, beginning and advanced.  Building beautiful pages and utilizing the vast selection of templates is the essence of magnificent software.  Users will be amazed at the creative things which marketers can take advantage of. You can change and move around fonts, colors, text, sections at the blink of an eye.

Ease of Use

The most unique thing about InstaBuilder 2.0 is its ease of use.  Most the majority of your page building can be performed in three easy steps.  Once you get to the backend of WordPress, all you have to do is:

  • Click on a Template
  • Drag in Elements
  • Click in Elements to edit and design

This 3 step process is simple and can be performed by a child.  This is good news for the novice trying to understand page building in digital marketing.

Support & Training

A comprehensive YouTube video that guides the reader through the process of page building is available on the Instabuilder 2.0 page.


  • Multiple readymade pages
  • Extraordinary Ease of use
  • 3 Step-page designing process
  • Low reasonable price


Still in Emergence stage but as effective as any popular name brand page builder. Advantage: Ease of Use.

Final Opinion

As for an emerging software plugin, I will give InstaBuilder 2.0 10 out of 10 for simplicity of use and unending creativity.





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