The Prevalence of Fashion in Everyday Life

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Fashion is a form of unique self-expression which transforms our world into a spectacle of beauty and grace. Extraordinary looking-clothing whose color and style is designed to make heads turn and stare gives us an appreciation of the world of fashion.

Fashion solves the problem of ugliness. The world is full of ugly happenings. This and that ugly thing is happening on a constant basis.  In this country, or over in that country, bad things are happening. We see rioting, protest, expressions of anger running rapid in the streets.  We see drugs and gangs and violence on social media.

We encounter weird minds, whose intention no one knows.  These minds will always be a mystery because of the ugliness within them, ugly ideas and imaginations. If there were no answers the entire world would transform to an ugly advance of events, one after the other.

But here comes fashion and its array of colors and styles. It beautifies our world.  We have a choice of choosing between ugliness and beauty.

Fashion designers introduce beauty to the world and give us a choice. They see the world populated with special people in beautiful apparel. Versace, Gucci, and PRADA brands are some of the most successful of all beautiful apparel.

People of Fashion

On our daily runs, when we see people dressed to kill, our attention is taken off the ugliness of everyday life. We look and stare at them.  We cherish them. Because they have the courage to shine, we perceive them as the special ones.  They are people we aspire to be like.

Our fascination with our Hollywood stars, our dazzling musicians and our early morning talk show hosts indicated that fashion speaks and has ideas which interest, entertain and persuades us. Out of all the turmoil, the prevalence of fashion wins.

Colors of Fashion

Fashion gives us brightness of colors.  What would the world do without beautiful colors: red, blue, green, orange and purple?  The rainbow adorns itself after and ugly rain and smiles down on the sad and inspires them.

When people walk into a room in sophisticated apparel, the mood and surrounding suddenly change.  In our hearts, we feel uplifted and overtaken by beauty.  If we are appreciative and if we have an opportunity, we compliment them.  We feel good to be in their presence.

Places of Fashion

Cocktail parties, Special celebrations, black tie affairs, weddings, and fashion shows are wonderlands of fashion and style.  We attend such affairs just to see and feel the beauty around us. We become a part of that beauty when we adorn ourselves in our favorite attire.  We get to show who we are and gives others a glimpse of our highest potential.

Our movements toward and away from each other express our uniqueness and the potions of ourselves we are willing to give and those we are unwilling to share. This is our sophisticated way of traveling in and out of mystery.

The induction into the world of fashion begins with our desire to be and express beauty. Our wardrobe indicates whether or not we are a part of this world. If we are our days will be filled with confidence and compliments. If we are not, our hours will be filled with sameness, or with dislike and jealousy of those who are brave enough to help sustain beauty in the world.  Fashion is that beauty.




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