IZOD’s Golf Greeni Stripped Polo as Game

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The Gold Greeni Stripped Polo is designed to easily handle every round. Its shoulder seams adapt to a full range of motion with every swing. Moisture-wicking stretch fabric improved with UV-20 sun protection makes this the ideal shirt for the avid golfer.


  • Polyester blend
  • 4-way stretch
  • Sun Control with UPF-20 UV protective technology
  • Moisture wicking
  • Moisture-wicking properties pull moisture away from the body keeping you dry and feeling cool
  • Machine washable for easy care

The Gold Greeni Stripped Polo is for the golfers who love clothing that won’t interfere with their weekend of golf. A golf swing should be effortless without realizing that you are wearing something that could make you feel limited instead of giving you the confidence to focus on the green.


The avid golfer will pay $25.50 for one of these wonderful polo shirts. You can purchase the item online or in store at a number of participating retail stores. Colors include charcoal, Garden Green, Bossa Nova, and Lapis Heather. The polo comes in all sizes.

Getting into the habit of wearing a Gold Greeni Stripped Polo while participating in golfing contest will give an individual a shot or inner confidence.


  • Strong brain name-image
  • Choice of Polo Shirt Options
  • Great Comfort fit for golf swing


  • Gold Greeni Stripped Polo may not be available during winter at some retailers. But if you shop around, including on the website, you will find the answer.


Wear Anytime

When it comes to a great golf shirt, The Gold Greeni Stripped Polo is second to known. However, the occasion of golf isn’t the only reason one should wear this unique polo shirt. Its comfort alone gives you a reason for wearing it to all types of occasions.

You can wear it to work along with a great pair of slacks and get compliments from co-workers who see your confidence and “feel good” nature.



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