David Taylor’s Polo Shirts: Exclusively SEARs

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David Taylor polo shirts provide the perfect look for a man who enjoys a distinctive look in whatever place he may find himself.  You will feel special when your shirt David Taylor shirt turns the heads of unknown admirals.  Whenever I walk down the hallway at my job, the admiration of my co-workers is obvious. The stare is longer and their greeting is genuine.

David Taylor Polo Shirts come in a variety of Styles, including:

  • Striped
  • Window pane
  • Plaid
  • Geometric
  • Rugby

In the winter, these wonderful looking styles are provided with long sleeves.

The David Taylor Polo Shirts are for men who desire a distinctive, exclusive look without paying an arm and leg in cost. An entire wardrobe collection can be built around this attractive brand. The unique thing is that the David Taylor brand is only exclusive to SEARS.


In all styles of the David Taylor brand, you will pay no less than $24.99. During holiday seasons and special sales, the price is even lower.  In addition to styles, the brand comes in a variety of colors, including red, blue, orange, brown, beige, gray and black.

You can purchase the DT brand in stores or on line.  If you Spend $25.00 a month, you can add 12 shirts a year to your wardrobe.

Wearing the Brand and Getting Noticed

Whether you are working in an office or in a classroom, a David Taylor polo shirt will make you stand out.  You may even get a few compliments by those who appreciate your appearance.  Don’t be surprised if you see a friend wearing one of these shirts before the week is over.

If you want to impress the girl you have always admired, combine a DT shirt with a pair of hot Khakis and take a night out on the town.


  • Exclusive and distinctive Polo Shirts
  • Choice of styles
  • Low Price for quality looks


  • May have to purchase online due to the closure of SEARS retail stores around the country

Comparative Shirts

Other competitive polo shirts with distinctive looks include Chaps, IZOD, and Polo Ralph Lauren

Final Opinion

Because of its distinctiveness, I give the David Taylor polo shirt a big 10 out of 10 when it comes to a quality fashionable shirt that makes a man feel cool and collected.





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