The Sports Mobile Classic 4×4-The Tarrian Master

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The Sports mobile Classic 4×4 – Ford Cutaway Chassis is a uniquely manufactured adventure van designed to handle the extremely rough terrain. This outstanding vehicle will enable its owner to go through the most mountainous geography; including hard-to-get places which once representing old towns beaming with life and energy.

Hybrid Design of Vehicle

The Sports mobile Classic 4×4 is a cross between a Fords cutaway body integrated with a steel reinforced fiberglass shell. A Penthouse top drop is also integrated into the shell.

Features of the Sports Mobile Classic 4×4

The Superior Features of the Sports Mobile Classic 4×4 are what makes it a one of kind, all purpose vehicle, making a home on the road a comfortable reality.

  • Dynatrac Pro-Roc 60 Front Axle
  • High Knuckle Front End for Extra Tie Rod Clearance
  • Fox 2.0 Performance Series Shock
  • Tires/Rims: BFGAT LT285/70R17 (33” nom.)
  • Partial Military Wrap Spring designed especially for sports mobile conversion
  • Dana 60 Rear Axle
  • GVWR 10,050 lbs.
  • Front sway bar with quick disconnect system and custom shocks
  • Advance Adapter Atlas 11 All Gear Driver Transfer Case
  • F 550 Rotor and Beefed-up the Calipers
  • Ground Clearance, 16. 5
  • Towing Capacity, 10,000
  • Height with Penthouse: 94.0
  • Engine: 6.8L V-10
  • Transmission 4R 100 Torqshift

The Ultimate Explorer

The Sports Mobile Classic 4×4 is for the man or woman who desires to explore and live in the beauty of the outdoors wherever that may be.  What makes this outstanding vehicle a choice for those who dare to travel to places where few are willing to go is that the Sports Mobile Classic has all the components of a small home.

You can cook, sleep, watch TV and live out of the vehicle 24/7. So wherever remote place you desire to explore, you are at home there.  The Sports Mobile Classic 4×4 is a true RV.


You can place an order for the Sports Mobile Classic 4×4 via the Sports mobile Dealer website with several discounts, depending on the customized features you desire on the vehicle. Also, if you already have a van you can have it converted to a Sports Mobile. You will have to submit the necessary paper work for this option in addition to a $2,000 down payment.

You can access the “Select Your Van” price sheet to get an idea of how much you are willing to spend.



  • Enable Command of Rough Terrain
  • The thrill of Exploration and Adventure
  • All the resources of a small home
  • Get away from the stress of


  • Too expensive for the average American

Similar Vehicles

Sports Mobile Classic 4×4 can do everything that an advanced Jeep, Ford or Chevy can do plus more when it comes to living outdoors.

Getting away from it all is a dream comes true. Being able to live on the open world and in the beautiful remote places in America via Sports Mobile Classic 4×4 is all that an outdoors man can ask for.




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